Games can't save the world, but they can slow its demise

Consoles are power-sucking energy hogs leeching the life force from the very planet upon which we make our home, and every generation demands more power than the last. The slim versions of the PS3 and 360 use less power than the heavyweight originals, but just wait until the next generation comes and your 720 needs to be powered by an artificial black hole.

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Lord_Sloth1968d ago

This planet sucks anyway.

Army_of_Darkness1968d ago

It's not the planet that sucks bro, it's some of the [email protected]#ked up humans that molest, rape, murder and steal that sucks.

Lord_Sloth1968d ago

I dunno, nature's into some pretty f****d up s***, dude.

Army_of_Darkness1968d ago

I destroy more things in bullet time:-D

Shadonic1968d ago

But if the next gen consoles are powered by artificial black holes then we could just throw thousands upon thousands of waste into them ridding the earth of the burden of absorbing that stuff seems like a win win to me.