Introducing "live route" - GRID 2's dynamic track system

Following a recent outcry of GRID 2 information from Codemasters, it has been announced that the blockbuster-sequel coming out Q1 2013 will feature an optional dynamic-track feature. Although this feature is optional, it should add a unique rush to the feel of the game helping the player feel on-edge whilst racing throughout the game's unconfirmed, yet rich variety of tracks which range from California to Central America.

So far, GRID 2 has received high critical-acclaim yet some fans have responded in a somewhat negative manor to the lack of the in-car, cockpit camera-angle. Hopefully this unique feature seen in few games will help put that issue to the back of complaining fan's heads.

You can see brand new GRID 2 gameplay over at the Codemasters official Youtube page.

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blue_cheese2180d ago

nice, Quarter 1 release date, was not expecting that.

Cam9772180d ago

Error: I was supposed to put Q2 as it comes out on the 31st May; sorry about any confusion.

blue_cheese2180d ago

ah dammit lol ok, i guess ill be waiting a bit longer