VGI: The BesTest Borderlands 2 Review Ever WroTed

Tiny Tina of Borderlands 2 and VGI writes ...

"So yeah, I was talkin to Wes last week and he's like “Sorry there's no Borderlands 2 review. 2K ran out of copies” and I'm like “Maaaan! That sucks! You wan me to do it?!?!” and then he's like “No.” and then I'm like “Pweeeeeeeeeese?” I asked him like, I dunno, a hundred times. Anyway, he eventually cracked (and is now locked in my basement). So here I am with ma review of BORDERLANDS 2."

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Cajun Chicken2145d ago

Hahaha, I totally read this in her voice in my head.

MrAnderson2145d ago

great game, but not perfect, so to give it a 100/100 shows you're a bad reviewer.

TheModernKamikaze2145d ago

by that logic, to give a game a 90 or lower shows that he's a good reviewer?

MrAnderson2144d ago

that's not what i said and you know it, i'm simply saying 100/100 is a perfect score, no game is perfect i've played it for 8 hours and can already point out several flaws, don't get me wrong, it's a great game, but 100/100? come the hell on.

VGI2144d ago

I should probably point out, we don't actually do review scores. We have a 'closing' section that sums the game up as I have a personal hatred of review scores.

The reason this has a score is because it's a stupid score. The review, by Tina, states it scored 100bazilion out of 100bazilion. It's only when I had to translate the OTT score to N4G that is started to seem a bit ... wrong.

TheModernKamikaze2144d ago

VGI explained already. It's fine now.

Tru_Blu2145d ago

Was about to say what the hell is that title but makes sense after I clicked on it and saw her.

LackTrue4K2145d ago

Tina enjoys playing with toys, building and constructing, holding social tea parties, and manslaughter.

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