Project X Zone : A Hint For The Future ?

Will this be history repeating itself again for a new cross fighter?

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TongkatAli2145d ago

I wish there was more clover reps in the game.

riksweeney2145d ago

I wish they'd release Namco x Capcom in the West.

handsome_muthafuqa2145d ago

So....This game has nothing to do with the movie?

DivineAssault 2145d ago

I hope this gets localized tho if the 1st didnt, im not holding my breath.. MMX & Kos-Mos together would be really fun..

PopRocks3592145d ago

One of the lead members on the Tekken team is pushing for localization. He stated on his Twitter that if he keeps bugging them, they'll have to do it.

DivineAssault 2145d ago

i hope so.. Japan always gets better 3rd party games on nintendo systems.. Thats the main reason i dislike them.. They need to realize that some ppl in the west wanna play games beyond their 1st party offerings.. The way things are looking as of late, that message has gotten through to them.. Hopefully this rest of this & the upcoming generation provides a robust library of 3rd party games.. Its off to a decent start

lizard812882145d ago

I pre-ordered this. I have a JPN 3ds (which seems to get better support than the US one). It looks great. I can't wait to get it. Thankfully, it looks very light on the RPG stuff. It looks like it plays like the SRT games, so I don't have to worry about stats and crap.

As for the read, If it does become a fighting game, I hope Crapcom stays away from it. It will be littered with DLC, bugs and everything else. Namco wouldn't be bad, but they have been lacking modes in their recent fighting games, focusing more on online than single player.