Dishonored - Incredible Fan-made Rap Song

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘douglby’ created an amazing rap song for Arkane Studios’ upcoming FPS title, Dishonored. Before continuing, let me tell you that I’m no fan of rap; I’m a trance lover. So when I say that I really liked it, I mean that I REALLY liked it. Which basically means that you will – most probably – also like it, even if you are no fans of this genre. Dishonored is currently planned for an October release and has already gone Gold. Enjoy!"

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v0rt3x2118d ago

Amazing! Revenge solves everything. ;)

Godchild10202118d ago

He made the video play out well with his lyrics. I found it rather enjoyable. I'm really excited for the game, I'm just lost on getting it from the PSN or retail. I'll pay the same price either way.