Tryst Review (NGN)

NGN: "On one of your free weekends, when you’re double checking your list of “Childhood experiences everyone should have” (and if you don’t have such a list, get writing!), make sure you have a check mark next to “Play with Plastic Soldiers”. Action figures don’t count, mind you, but ‘Cowboys and Indians’ or even a solid set of Lego figurines will do just as well. Plastic army playtime is such a fundamental part of play that a few years ago when one of my roommates casually dropped a five dollar bag of plastic soldiers in my dorm’s common room, it was surprising how many of my college buddies put down their Gamecube controllers to fiddle with their small armies. The point is that there’s no more classic arena of play than making your own small army. Similarly, there’s no more classic conflict of play than humans versus aliens. Smack these two facts together, and the new RTS game Tryst is built on rock solid ground."

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