10 More of the Easiest Games to Platinum

Stryctnin writes:

This is a revised list of games that are, in my opinion, relatively easy to platinum on the PS3.

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Snookies122146d ago

Hey guys... Video games are bad m'kay? Let's all get out there and... "Platinum" life!! YEAH!!

Lol, might have been the dumbest remark I've ever made. Yet I realize this while typing and still do not delete it. Am I intoxicated? Maybe. Am I amazing regardless? Yes.

On topic, God of War 3 was easy if you had the invincibility trick figured out. Also the Uncharted games while a bit tedious are pretty easy to get.

mafiahajeri2146d ago

What the heck happened to n4g!!? :O

pixelsword2146d ago

In short, a bunch of people who cared and complained about the quality of articles were banned from shooting down bad articles.

...and this is the result.

abzdine2146d ago

Madagascar Racing is by far the easiest of all of these.

MrAnderson2146d ago

Seriously? who gives a f*ck?

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