Gears of War: Judgment impressions – life, interrupted

VG247:Gears of War: Judgment is an attempt to challenge presumptions of the established franchise.

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THE_MACGREGOR2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

This game is retarded!!! I mean go back to just GEARS 1.
Hearing baird pipe in over the comm channel with sarcasm was great. That does not mean I want to play with baird or any other new judgment character.
I never dug the multiplayer aspect of GEARS
but the story line for me was what drew me in.
And after Epics total destruction of Gears 3 campaign killing of Dom instead of idk some other dumb wasted character just really pissed me off. so just gonna have pass on this

rpd1232184d ago

Well, if they killed a character nobody liked it wouldn't have much of an impact would it now?


Yea maybe if your a writer , as a gamer thats just a relationship with character only to kill em off i mean it similar to sgt johnson in halo...3 games a wack hes dead.
Wasnt that supposed to be what the Carmines were for...I think dom living with the agony applied for a better story then him driving a tank into a gas station of fuel depot whatever it was.

spicelicka2184d ago

I was disappointed at first but now i think Baird is the perfect character because he's not perfectly stereotypical. He's a douchebag and annoying at times, and it would be interesting to see how he came to be like that, or how he handles situations being the way he is.

No one cares about him much, so it would be great for developers to change our perspective on him. Of course the writing would have to be 10 times better than the previous games for this to work.

rpd1232179d ago

Eh, I guess. I would've loved it if Dom lived. And the end with Marcus's dad would've been enough to fill the sad death scene quota for the game. But I see where the writers are coming from and I guess I'm okay with the decision. But they definitely could've just all jumped in the truck with Dom and driven away, so if they had to sacrifice him, it could've been done better.