New PS3 Ultimate Combo Packs Are Coming Next Month - Includes Game & Dualshock 3

The PS3 Ultimate Combo Packs are well known for offering a a game and extra Dualshock 3 at $59.99, $5 more than a controller would cost on its own. Now, it looks as though more are on their way.

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Relientk771970d ago

Good I need a new dualshock, my puppy chewed up the analog sticks on one of them. :-/

I'll be picking up one of these probably the Ratchet & Clank one

TrendyGamers1970d ago

These are a really good deal, especially when you consider that a couple of them are $40 games.

Yi-Long1970d ago

... we won't be seeing these bundles here in Europe, where a controller still costs 60 EURO a piece(!)

The_KELRaTH1970d ago

Playing FPS games is a controller killer (especially the frustrating ones lol)

RXL1970d ago

my main controller gave out on me during Arkham City...had to get a new white one for 60 bucks

THIS deal...infintely great...

WeskerChildReborned1970d ago

Awesome, i love these game/controller bundles.

CommonSenseGamer1970d ago

What amazes me is how very little the cost of the controller has changed throughout the lifecycle of the PS3. Its obviously had several internal changes over the years and is being made a lot cheaper nowadays so why are we still be charged 2007 prices for an extra one?

Qrphe1970d ago

My guess is that they probably have been selling at similar rates than when the PS3 came out. It's true that they would sell more controllers if they lowered prices but maybe Sony has projected that it's not significant enough to increase overall profits.

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