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Submitted by Abriael 1232d ago | news

Today Is the Last Chance to Witness the End of Final Fantasy XIV

On Final Fantasy XIV the sky is falling. Quite literally. The smaller moon Dalamud is plunging towards Eorzea at an alarming rate and apparently Bruce Willis is too busy to fly up with a team of rugged drillers and save the day.

Today is the last available day to renew canceled Final Fantasy XIV accounts and open new ones before the game dies to pave the way for A Realm Reborn. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3)

Myst  +   1232d ago
Oh man that title scared me for a second despite reading up on the news about the new update; either way still can't wait!
RmanX1000  +   1232d ago
I love how theres a plot device to explain this XDD
Abriael  +   1232d ago
Yeah that's my favorite thing of the whole process, Dalamud becoming bigger and bigger in the sky is a touch of class :D
killerhog  +   1232d ago
Oh I could of sworn it was just ff14 sucking so much and them tweaking/changing a lot of it to try and recapture an audience? Didn't know it was story-wise, silly me.
Axecution  +   1232d ago

Lol that was the most unfunny thing i think i've ever read in my life

/Immature bubble down
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killerhog  +   1231d ago
It wasn't suppose to be funny. People are acting like this was setup from the beginning, when the truth is, they (square Enix) are just trying to rebuild a game they released broken as new again to recapture an audience. How is that immature? So you're going to bubble me down for giving my own opinion? This is why people are exploiting the bubble system and making secondary accounts because they get unfairly bubbled down. There's a difference between trolling to annoy people and giving an opinion or dislike about a game.

In fact your comment was immature and unnecessary

"Lol that was the most unfunny thing I think I ever read in my life."

Really dude? Love how you started it with *lol*, yeah cause you had no intention to troll? Regardless if my opinion was not in the favor of some, it was still relavent to my experience with ff14 and why I believe square is doing this, your comment relates to nothing besides trying to troll me.

Immature or trolling is something like abriel comment, but you didn't say anything to him right? Was it because it was pro ff14 and anti guild wars? Ridiculous that you have 4 bubbles.
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Mottsy  +   1231d ago
Well said Killer Hog. If you really thought this was intended then pass whatever it is you are smoking. I was one of the suckers who bought FF14 on release cos I loved FF11, but I will retry this Reborn whatnot , fingers crossed!
carlocgc  +   1232d ago
too little too late. Guild wars 2 shall inherit the earth :)
FFXI advocate :))
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Abriael  +   1232d ago
Too much of a simplistic game to "Inherit the earth". Some people like a tad more oomph to their adventures, and a graphics engine that wasn't already obsolete in 2005 :D

The fact that you write "too little too late" is the perfect evidence that you don't know what you're talking about. As far as we know there's really nothing "Little" about FFXIV: ARR
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Grap  +   1232d ago
guild wars 2 is simplistic game.. hahhahha go play FFXIV little kid. or is the server going to shut down. ops...
FredEffinChopin  +   1232d ago

Yeah, leave the schoolyard-style insults at the door dude, and find out what you're talking about.

Not only are the servers far from being shut down, but the GW/FF-online thing went down many years ago. Nobody who went from FFXI to GW lasted there more than 4 weeks, and the ones who spent even that much time in GW were rare. While everyone enjoyed the game, it doesn't aim for the depth that FFXI did, and so couldn't satisfy people who were accustomed to that for long. While these are two different games, a huge part of the ongoing changes that have been implemented (and ones that are yet to come) are a result of user feedback, many of whom are crying for a semblance of XI in their XIV.

It's not to say any one game is better than the other. It's just that GW is more for people who like to play online with their friends. FF is for people who take pride in their skill. Call people little kids all you want for playing FF, but know that in comparison, GW is the simplistic one.
carlocgc  +   1231d ago
I played 100+ hours with FFXIV at launch i wanted so desperately to love it however for me, it just wasn't happening.

I've had more fun in the first 20 hours of guild wars 2. FFXIV isn't any less simplistic. Leves take away much from the experience what FFXIV lacks in simplicity it makes up for in repetitiveness.

"and a graphics engine that wasn't already obsolete in 2005 :D"

GW2 looks better on my system. :) FFXIV lacked good art design especially the zones. GW2 art design and attention to detail are insurmountable for the record.

I love Final Fantasy. Just not XIII etc, XIV and X

Leves are my main problem i just think its a cop out by the devs.
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SephirothX21  +   1231d ago
Obviously this comment section will be full of FFXIV fanboys. While FFXI was great., XIV was far from it and received appalling reviews. However, GW and GW2 both received excellent reviews across the board. That's what you call consistency. GW is not a simplistic game and trust me games are very simple when you start comparing playing them to making them which is what I do. Games are not all about graphics and GW2 has a much depth as FFXIV and a much less boring and better combat system.
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1232d ago
I can't wait!!! I just started playing ff14 a month ago and have been playing 11 since the US launch. This version update will prove to everyone that ff is still a force to be reckoned with.
TongkatAli  +   1232d ago
I kinda wanna buy this, but what is the special thing that would pull me in ?
videoxgamexfanboy  +   1232d ago
I don't think with a game like ff14 someone could tell you what's special about it I think you need to experience it yourself to find that special something. Give it a try.
Abriael  +   1232d ago
At the moment the game is extremely pretty, probably one of the best looking if not the best looking MMO in the market, has a great flexible class system in which you can level every class and switch dynamically, and it has quite a lot of good and challenging content, especially for boss fights.

With A Realm Reborn everything will be rebuilt to be bigger and better.
TongkatAli  +   1232d ago
Hmmmmm ......... Idk what to say, lol. I hope its good.
Th3 Chr0nic  +   1232d ago
If you call this a nice looking game... then you must have a really crap PC or really bad vision. I havent seen an environment that sad looking since 2005 LMAO and the character armor looks much better but its still not good at all. i mean really come on dude
GrahamGolden  +   1232d ago
imma let you finish but TERA is the best looking mmo today,ff14 is a failure not matter how hard u try to justify the game,it wont impact the market at all,nobody gives a crap about it less than 200k players will play and nothing more

like it or not kid...GW2 is the best mmo today just deal with it kkthxbb
Blasphemy  +   1232d ago
Bro although I think this new re image of this game was a big mistake(they shoulda just let it go) that game looks nothing like the image you posted.

This is a nice image.
FredEffinChopin  +   1232d ago
Why should they have let it die? Lots of people wanted to see it improved, and they already put a great deal of $ into creating it. Would it be smart for them to just throw it down the drain, or try to recoup and make the game profitable while making fans happy? I admire the fact that they were able to swallow their pride and make amends.

@Th3 Chronic
Don't be silly. I know you don't go around judging video games' graphics based on a single screenshot. Nobody needs to point you out to anything, look up some FFXIV media *without* an eye for the most underwhelming shot you can find. The game is gorgeous. You might convince someone in here that you're that stupid, but you don't convince me.
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-Gespenst-  +   1232d ago
Hahaha this is awesome. I didn't realize this was happening.
Omnislash  +   1232d ago
I seriously hope this game doesnt suck lol
VGI  +   1232d ago
I gotta say. This is a pretty cool way to end, before beginning again.
jukins  +   1232d ago
been watching the evolution of this for awhile now still want to get it. if anything im hoping the big change brings it closer to the feel of FFXI
jghvhv  +   1232d ago
That is how Nibiru will look before it flips Earth upside down and kills billions of us :(
Grenade  +   1232d ago
I think i see it now!
Someone, help me!!!

Related image(s)
GreenRanger  +   1232d ago
@ Grenade
Take your death like a man, ffs.
jghvhv  +   1232d ago
I sure that cat will be fine.

Related image(s)
Grenade  +   1232d ago
@ YoungsterJoey
Yo, that's my cat, dawg.
Meh, he's a cunt, he deserves to die.
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1232d ago
Thats pretty cool
TheColbertinator  +   1232d ago
Final Fantasy 14 died on the moment it was Final Fantasy 14...Online.
Blasphemy  +   1232d ago
Nah it died when they released the game in a alpha state.
coolasj  +   1232d ago
Pretty classy way to kick off a failed MMO. If this shows anything, it's creativity.
OneAboveAll  +   1232d ago
Damnt. I thought it was going to be the end of the franchise for good. Talk about milking a cow...
rezzah  +   1232d ago
If usage of similar titles is what you call milking a cow, I fear the strange thoughts that wander your mind when you look at COD from 4 and up.
Ranma1  +   1232d ago
You should hope the FF13 franchise ends for good
Kamikaze135  +   1232d ago
Heh. I've been playing XIV since day 1 because I really enjoy the community. Of all the MMO games, I've found the community in XIV to be the most helpful and kind. Ever since Yoshida took charge, we've been getting loads of content and the game is completely changed for the better. Everything from the battle system, exp system, class roles, and leveling system.

2.0 looks amazing and I can't wait!
Sithlord-Gamble  +   1232d ago
Ill just wait for the ps3 version, bc my pc sux!

But after that, i wont have a life.

Has there been a release date for the ps3 version?
dontbhatin  +   1232d ago
so when does this come out for pc?
Kamikaze135  +   1231d ago
early 2013
dontbhatin  +   1230d ago
are you sure? cause after i posted my comment i looked it up nd i found this.

it shows that in october they are going to distribute 2.0 software in october. and in 2013 its coming out for ps3.
Kamikaze135  +   1230d ago
The software distribution for October is for alpha testing. Beta will follow shortly after (maybe late November/December). The Game is supposedly launching in January, but going by how SE is doing this with 2.0, I won't expect it till March. The reason is because they mentioned not wanting to launch it before it's ready and wanting to implement some of the feedback from alpha and beta testing.

Also, going by this (scroll all the way to the bottom):

They are behind schedule. Rather than going into beta in October, they are just going into alpha. Idk though, hopefully 2.0 does launch sooner than later :)
dontbhatin  +   1230d ago
deffinitely hope it comes out sooner!. bubbles for you. i also wonder how to get into alpha. hmmm
Kamikaze135  +   1229d ago
If you've ever had a FFXIV account, you can sign up here:

If not, then you'll have to wait a bit till SE announces other ways of getting in.
AIndoria  +   1232d ago
But but but, I just bought the game. Haven't opened the seal yet >.<
Tundra  +   1232d ago
I'll probably be alternating between this and GW2 when ARR releases. Judging from the recent trailers and gameplay vids, it has come a long way.
Louis_Guzman   1231d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
StitchJones  +   1231d ago
They messed up FF XIV so bad, no one in their right mind will come back to it. The face that Square-Enix released the game they did thinking it would be good is a sign that no-one on that development team has any idea what makes a game good.
FredEffinChopin  +   1231d ago
Wow, I'm guessing a full year after A Realm Reborn is launched there will still be a bunch of boneheads sitting around wondering why people are playing a game that got such bad reviews on release. What part of "new game" don't people understand? New team? The title of a game doesn't contain the quality, you know that, right? So if the game has gotten a complete makeover, why would you sit there and permanently condemn it for a state that it hasn't been in for a very long time, and that it will be even farther away from soon? Yoshida has been kicking ass over there since he took over from what I understand, and a lot of the people who were playing the (until yesterday) current version were already happy with the game. RR is a different world, completely.
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