Dino Hunting Season Begins with the Return of Turok

"Turok enjoys an extra dimension that no other shooter can match."

More than 10 years ago, Nintendo 64 received its first major first-person shooter. Golden Eye 007 is remembered as the leader in MOA (Multiplayer Obsession Addiction), but before Rare's classic landed on store shelves, a game arrived that was based on a little-known comic and inspired by the success of Jurassic Park – Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Though its future looked bright in 1997, there was a time when we didn't know what would happen to Turok. Once Acclaim (the game's original publisher) couldn't survive any longer, it was feared that the series would be lost forever.

Salvation came when Disney Interactive picked up the rights to continue the Turok franchise. With a stronger financial backing, PS3 and Xbox 360 technology, and a dedicated development team at the helm, the series appears to be back on track to reclaiming its crown. To find out just how well the game is coming along, GameZone spoke with Associate Director Tim Lewinson.

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