Previously On... Resident Evil 4 - All Cutscenes

Getting excited for Resident Evil 6? Get familiar with the story from Resident Evil 4 with this compilation of all of RE4's cutscenes.

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dski10801905d ago

What a great game that was

scofios1904d ago

I wish Mikami was still making the RE games.

ritsuka6661905d ago

Fantastic game, much better than Resident 6.

NeXXXuS1905d ago

Don't forget 5 and ORC...

Blastoise1905d ago

If only 6 was half as good as this, Yeah Resident Evil 4 wasn't scary, and so much of it made zero sense. But the gameplay was spot on, the replay value, the atmosphere, the weapons, the bosses and environments. All of this made for such an awesome game.

Boss_Kowbel1905d ago

This will save me some time replaying through RE4 before I review Resident Evil 6.

beer_baron1905d ago

Can't move and shoot. 0/5

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