The Gaming Melting Pot: Xbox 720, PS4, Wii U, IP's, digital, concerns and more

This is an in-depth interview with Vice President and Creative Director of Disney Interactive’s Junction Point Studios Warren Spector and CEO of First Post Studios Jacob Robinson. They discuss the industry's biggest weaknesses, digital gaming's impact on the industry, why there are not more IP's, common misconceptions about gaming, when next-generation consoles will arrive and how this may be the final set of consoles we see with this next round.

"I believe the next generation of consoles may be the last of their kind."

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StrawHatPatriot2182d ago

As ridiculous as it may sound, I really sence a video game crash. I mean we all know the issues of cloud gaming, but also, look at this quote:

"According to IGN's list of upcoming games, over 70% of the games that have yet to be released is either going to be a sequel or prequel."

That shows you how conservative company's are getting. Even new games they do release can all fit in the same genre.

For example, after watching the E3 "The Last of Us", is the game gonna be that different from Uncharted, gameplay wise?