Dishonored – EuroGamer Expo Hands On Report | The Reticule

Chris gets some hands on time with Dishonored at this years EuroGamer Expo.

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Relientk771997d ago

This game looks so sick, cant wait for it

MadMax1995d ago

This game looks like a cross between assassins creed and bioshock, but set in a different time and world. Looks bad ass, local gameshop out here should be getting it this week. Im all over this one, no hype and looks better than anything else out this month! A must buy!

Relientk771995d ago

cross between assassins creed and bioshock

thats exactly what I was thinking, it looks awesome. Oh and a little bit of the Timesplitters series, the character models and well everything

SKUD1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Another severly broken bethesda game inbound. Get you wallets and butthurt ready.