Last-minute pre-order deals for Resident Evil 6

With Resident Evil 6 launching in North America next week, here are the last-minute pre-order deals for the latest video game in the survival-horror franchise.

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Lucretia2186d ago

Wow, I would almost cancel my gamestop pre-order for capcoms official pre-order bonus. that umbrella is awesome!!!!!!

Army_of_Darkness2186d ago

I had 2 copies of res6 anthology that I bought for $70 each a week ago and sold them for $120 each, Heheh!
I do regret not keeping a copy though...

Lucretia2186d ago

Naaaaah, its better than RE5 and I absolutely Loved re5.

RE5 and 6 are some of the best Co-op games this gen next to borderlands 2.

Me and fiance played the hell out of 5, and will do so with 6. Definetly an Owning type of game.

Rent short easy games with no replayablity like dead space. Own games with tons of modes and replayablity and over 30 hours of campaign

2186d ago