GameTap: Conflict: Denied Ops Preview

Thierry Nguyen of GameTap writes: The game industry is always taking interesting cues from movies, and while the "cinematic cutscene" is firmly established in games, the new movie trope that seems to be going around is "let's do a buddy cop movie, but in gaming form." In the middle of co-op heavy shooter releases like Gears of War, the Halo franchise, and the upcoming Army of Two is Conflict: Denied Ops. While it seemed logical that there would be co-op play, since the game is about controlling a pair of operatives in secret missions, I've only been able to play it solo--until now. I sampled some online co-op play by going through a couple of missions with an Eidos representative.

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mullet3761d ago

Worst game I've ever played.

thisguywithhair3761d ago

Also one of the easiest demos I have ever played. I didn't even know You needed to control both characters until I got to a check point. By then I had taken out everyone in the base that I saw with out taking anything more than minor damage.

xboxerwork3761d ago

Just finished the full game in solo mode and it actually looks and plays great! Personally I dont need 12 months of hype to be able to appreciate a game.

Kleptic3760d ago

what kind of dig is that?...this games looks like a mod for Quake III or something...'personally I don't need a years worth of hype to appreciate a game' don't either...I just need the game to not look and play like a launch title for the PS2...