STN: A quick look at the best games for 3DS


With all of the hype and attention lavished on the Wii U, the 3DS was pushed to the side-lines at the Eurogamer Expo and may of been overlooked by many; a real shame as what was on offer shows that this is still a console to be reckoned with.

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DivineAssault 2151d ago

Castlevania was the soul reason i bought a 3DS before it was even unveiled.. When i found out that mercury steam was doing it, it really pissed me off.. I wont dismiss the game cuz i liked LOS on PS3.. But this is the only game i have to look forward too. i dont want any of those other titles.. I hope they dont remove the blood from this title.. All castlevanias have blood in them..

Bimkoblerutso2151d ago

Huh. Can't please everyone, I guess. Between Castlevania, Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion, Epic Mickey, Monster Hunter 4, and a slew of Atlus and NIS games coming within a year, I think I'm going to be spending a lot of time with my 3DS in the coming months.

DivineAssault 2151d ago

i agree on MH but i dont wanna pay $40 for those 1st party games if i dont like em.. Im not saying theyre bad games by any means, just not interested in playing em.. Code of Princess, Castlevania, & MH are all i want from 3ds thats been announced... Maybe if Project X Zone gets localized, ill get that too....

Blastoise2151d ago

That Castlevania game looks awful, in every way. And this is from a 3DS owner. It will be just as uninspired as the console ones. If it's really as bad as it looks you're better off just buying one of the 2D ones available for DS (You know the 2D gothic ones? the good ones?) and just playing it on your 3DS.

wingman32x2151d ago

I'll be getting Paper Mario. Never was a Luigi's Mansion guy and I haven't played any of the Layton games to completion.

Castlevania I'm kinda disappointed over. I LOVED the DS Castlevania games. I played the crap out of Dawn of Sorrow and Order of Eclessia. Portrait of ruin was also good, but it didn't really stick to me like the other two did. Seeing the way its being done on the 3DS kinda sucks for me.

In an unrelated note, I think Shonoa would be awesome in Smash Bros. The ship has likely sailed on that one, though.