$522 Budget Borderlands 2 Gaming Build - October, 2012

GamersNexus: "On top of this, Gearbox's recent Borderlands 2 has blown us away with its PhysX demonstrations and pretty graphics direction, and luckily, it can be played on just about anything. Building a DIY gaming PC for Borderlands 2 on a budget (around $500) is actually quite easy; you'll find our build below with the rationale explained for each choice."

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Sarcasm2144d ago (Edited 2144d ago )

Pretty good choices except I would just go with 4GB of ram for $20, and put the extra $20 towards a GTX 560 SE or Radeon 6850 for $140 instead of a GTX 650. While yes it's a previous gen card, it still outperforms the GTX 650 (which should have just been GT 650) by a decent margin. Heck, the GTX 550Ti outperforms the GTX 650. The GTX650 is a sham I tells yah!

cleft52144d ago

I agree with the graphics card, but instead of sacrificing ram, just add an extra $20 on to the price tag.

Sarcasm2144d ago

Yeah that would work too

inb4its2late2144d ago

Why when these are done a price of the OS is not included? So for people that are wanting to jump into something like this for the first time, you would have to spend at the least another 100 bucks for windows 7 home premium.

Farsendor12144d ago

i would never buy an os and i believe most people don't

2pacalypsenow2144d ago

Not everyone like stealing or using that linux

Lelldorianx2143d ago

Most operating systems are re-usable. This build was categorized under our 'upgrade build' category, which assumes that you've already got your peripherals.

It is literally just the box and the PC. Why should we include an OS? It's a PC build. It isn't part of the article to cover software, only hardware.