Six games that the Wii U needs to be taken seriously by hardcore gamers

Gimme Gimme Games writes about the six games that the Wii U may need to be taken seriously by hardcore gamers who have given up on Nintendo in the past.

Titles range from Grand Theft Auto V to the next big project from Ken Levine. Would these games make you take a Nintendo console more seriously if you weren't a fan of Nintendo systems in the past?

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DwightOwen2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

The term "hardcore gamer" has been stolen and perverted by immature broke-ass fanboys who only bother to play M-rated titles with a critic rating of 90 or above on Metacritic.

A real hardcore gamer (if we simply MUST use that ignorant retarded term) is someone for whom gaming is their primary hobby, regardless of preferred genres or platform(s).

This real HARDCORE GAMER (of 24 years) takes the Wii U seriously, so much so that I paid for my Deluxe Set in CASH IN FULL the first day it was available for pre-order.

This author is a moron and is desperate for hits.

Fierce Musashi2002d ago

ROFL Wow, well said.


ChickeyCantor2002d ago

This is exactly how I feel about the term "hardcore gamer".

live2play2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

this generations ''hardcore gamer'' in reality is the MAINSTREAM GAMER

like you said they only buy games that are in the "spotlight" and up with the trends
mostly shooters and critically acclaimed games

rely on reviews and commercials to tell them its good

wont research a game or play it because it "seems" fun
they have to be acknowledged by the media as being good before they decide if they like it

Griffin48712002d ago

Are you gay? If so, please marry me. No homo


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iamnsuperman2002d ago

These are great and all but for me I want to see Nintendo do something that has a story with mature themes and tones and preferably a new ip.

Wolfbiker2002d ago

I can't disagree with this but I do think the Wii U will offer a great gaming experience for everyone.

PygmelionHunter2002d ago

While I would love to see all these game on Nintendo platforms, I think the Wii U doesn't have to prove anything anymore, by this point, only fanboys in denial criticize the console.

ninjabake2002d ago

Its really stupid to label yourself a "hardcore gamer" IMO. I've been playin videogames since the Sega Genesis and I've beaten numerous games and I've put in my fair share of time with those completed games. Am I a hardcore gamer? No. I'm just a gamer, and a gaming enthusiast. I don't care what games you play if you play em then your gamer. The sense of nerd entitlement over videogames is a joke, even for a self-proclaimed nerd like myself LOL. How silly is it that were even discussing what entertainment to "take seriously" cmon now. A game doesn't have to be taken seriously or have an M-rating with guns all the time, it just needs to be a well-made game no matter the genre. That's how I see it anyway, to each his own.