Eurogamer 2012: Best in Show - Tomb Raider Defies Rape Scene Scandal

Tomb Raider is back and better than ever at Eurogamer

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vitz32115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

What rape scene? This is bullshit. There was never a rape scene. A guy pins Lara against something and slides his hand down the side of her body ever so slightly before she cans him.

This is a stupid fantasy made up by idiot journalists (I use this term very loosely here) and editors to spark a controversy founded on absolutely nothing just for hits.

I really, REALLY hate the media this generation. Moral-less asstards with no integrity. It's the cancer killing this industry.

GreenRanger2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I'm just going to agree with you and leave.
I have not raped you.
I say again: I HAVE NOT RAPED YOU!

edsmith19902115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

You think that running your hands over a tied-up, non consenting woman is not a big deal and you call journalists immoral? It isn't rape in a penetrative sense but I'd still call it sexual assault, serious sexual assault. The implication that he intends to rape Lara is there, clearly; like most people, other writers included, I'd consider that rape.

aLucidMind2114d ago

He didn't say fondling non-consenting women was moral, you're putting words in his mouth.

You would consider that rape when it is, in fact, not. Sexual assault is not automatically rape; merely having the intent does not make it rape, nor does having attempted. What he did was sexual assault, but on a level lesser than molestation (as he did not touch her breasts or genitals).

rezzah2115d ago

*Sees an apple roll across the floor*



DivineAssault 2115d ago

I dont think a game would have a rape scene in it out here.. Thats pretty intense & will get shut down before it makes it to shelves.. Anyway i know its no rape scene, cuz if it were, it wouldnt be released w/o an AO rating or released at all

bunfighterii2115d ago

Rapelay says hi. Just sayin....


DivineAssault 2115d ago

whats that? i never heard of it.. A game released in the US? wow i didnt know that

IQUITN4G2115d ago Show
DEATHxTHExKIDx2115d ago

There's a rape scene in the new tomb raider? Sorry I don't keep track of this game.

rezzah2115d ago

If you consider a man putting his hand on a young woman's ass rape then yea.

It does not mean that the man wouldn't have done so if Lara didn't knee him in the balls, and I think shoot him in the face.

If the situation went in his favor im sure he would have raped her. BUT this did not happen.

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