Remember Me has 50,000 combos

Last week, we got a little sneak peek of the combat details for Capcom’s upcoming title Remember Me. This weekend, at the Eurogamer Expo, game developer Dontnod Entertainment revealed that the previously-mentioned Combat Lab has a total of 50,000 combos.

Dontnod’s creative director, Jean-Maxime Moris, showed off the Remember Me‘s combat system at a developer session during the Eurogamer Expo. The main character, Nilin, as a melee fighter who has an extensive combat customization feature, referred to as the Combo Lab. As Nilin progresses through the game, fighting moves (Pressens) are unlocked (or, in the case of the game’s story, remembered). At any time during gameplay, you can have up to four active combos, but those must be customized to adapt to various gameplay situations.

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Thatguy-3102147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

Yet no one cares lol I doubt this title will be successful. It has failed to garnered any hype since announced.

Skate-AK2147d ago

It did when it was a PS3 exculsive called Adrift.