Mass Effect 3 Backlash: Are We Happy Now?

Let’s just get all the bullshit out of the way: We expected a major epic ending from Bioware. Our expectations had grown to such heights with Mass Effect 3 that we had already begun drawing up the conclusion before we even reached it. Victory, and nothing else, because that’s what we as gamers have come to expect.

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Vladplaya2119d ago

Nobody gives a crap anymore, move alone...

lastdual2119d ago

Yeah, we may not be "happy", but we've resigned ourselves to the EA effect.

Godmars2902119d ago

If by "nobody gives a crap anymore" about the series, then I agree.

MrWonderful2119d ago

Im happy with the release of thefrist game on ps3 finally and the free dls that they gave so i could say im happy with it

ghostman1232119d ago

I was happy about a week after I beat it.

In the end I think people forget that there was actually a full 30 hour game BEFORE that ending that WAS well made and WAS fun to play. I understand you all wanted better closure, I did too, but it shouldn't discredit the game as a whole. About 98% of it was every bit as fun as ME2, just with more stuff going on.

--Onilink--2119d ago

I agree that 99% of the game was great, but the ending wasnt well made, at all. No matter what anyone was expecting, what we got was a rushed ending, filled with plot holes and contradictions.

And above all, what was worse were the blatant lies before the game launched. There are many examples of unsatisfactory endings who didnt received this much backlash because we were never promised something else (borderlands, infamous 2, etc)

cleft52119d ago

So true, Me3 was one of the best games I have played this year. It's a shame that the ending was bad, but overall the game was excellent. Bioware didn't deserve the bullshit that happened to them and I think there will be a lot of consequences to how poorly Bioware was treated by "fans". Even after they gave us a bunch of free dlc and a better ending people still behaved terribly. This poor behavior will matter and I wont be surprised to see a lot of the larger gaming companies just stop caring about pleasing the hardcore gamers.

The whole situation was messed up and the fact that these idiots feel they where justified in lynching Bioware just disgusts me. Then these same morons will complain about why all games are either sequels or generic shooters. Why should a company take a risk when they can play it safe and not end up in the situation that lead to the Doctors leaving the gaming industry. I know this response will probably get a ton of disagrees but it is only further proof of the point I already made.

The industry is going to change in a big way ghostman123, just don't be to surprised when gaming companies start taking a highly formal approach to dealing with people. The idea of fan feedback will vanish in place of customer feedback. The two are very different things.

Myst2119d ago

I was happy with it from beginning to end even the ending despite it not being a Disney land happy ending I was kind of okay with it. The actual ending scene before the credits could have been fleshed out in some sense but honestly I just felt okay.

Tetsujin2119d ago

I vote for an alternate ending since they do plan on making future ME games, and if Sheppard isn't the main character at least have him/her as an NPC or have some sort of reference

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The story is too old to be commented.