Dead or Alive 5 infinite combo makes its way online

Fighting games are usually heavily tested before release but some things only get discovered when in the wild. If an exploit is in the final release, then is it fair game?

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Lucretia1670d ago

not really a combo, but it does need to be patched. although only trolls would use this

soundslike1670d ago

Its a fighting game. People are going to troll in anyway they can.

d3nworth11669d ago

Looks like the trolls disagree with you.

jb12761670d ago

yea...if your going to play like this..what's the point lol

bunt-custardly1670d ago

To troll the other player safe from the knowledge that there's nothing they can do. Online spaces breed all sorts of trolls.

DivineAssault 1670d ago

figures xbox players would use a cheesy method like this to get a win instead of fighting with pride.. If someone did this to me, i would just quit the match & restart.. thats BS

Krimmson1670d ago

Dead or Alive is unbalanced? STOP THE PRESSES!