Microsoft and Sony ready to battle it out with rewards next gen?

Could Sony and Microsoft adopt a more aggressive rewards structure for their new consoles now the groundwork is set. Will it be battle of the supermarkets all over again?

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RaidensRising2120d ago

Today's marketplace is just the beginning. Hopefully it's win win for gamers.

ShadesMoolah2120d ago

Sony are really on the ball currently with their service; it's the lack of Private or Party Chat on the PS3 that gives the Xbox the edge, though Sony makes up for it with their digital content offerings.

PS+ has come a long way since it first started out, and with new high profile releases being available digitally at release, it's almost the console equivilant to Steam, just with a subscription fee that actually throws content at you.

Microsoft's biggest issue; is frankly that we're already subscribed, and although the experience was worth it then and to some extent continues to be; the fact that there are similar experiences for free, and better value for the fee elsewhere, they really need to pull their finger out going into the next-gen.