Ironside passed on Splinter Cell: Blacklist after “frustrating” work with Conviction

Michael Ironside has been replaced with a younger actor to portray Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, a decision that stems in part from the man’s frustration with the separated motion capture and voice work in Conviction.

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Man, i think everyone browsing this , needs to tweet, post to face book or email or stalk well enough to get his digits and say " look mike , huge fan of you hear, i know you were getting burnt out on damn it fischer 5 but its damn it fischer 6 and we need you back.
so get to it peoples

nihonlight2116d ago

The only thing the new splinter cells have in common with the old ones is the name now.

RickHiggity2116d ago

It's just not Sam Fisher without Michael Ironside.

GamerElite2116d ago

That's because SC Convicted sucked donkey balls.

Soldierone2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Kinda sucks when you see someone important in a movie/game franchise walk away due to different beliefs, issues, or simply knowing a game/movie is going to suck. Then the studio goes and continues anyways and pretends said person wasn't important at all.

Your A-list that helped make the franchise what it is walked away....signal "we need to fix franchise or the way we work" alarm! Nah just kidding, replace him and keep milking!

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