Embracing the Wii U: 5 Reasons Haters Should Reconsider Slamming the Console


It’s now only 2 months until the Wii U launches, and the next console generation alongside it. I’m incredibly excited to get my hands on a GamePad, but there are many people out there that are, shall we say, a tad less enthused.

British newspaper outlet The Sun unfairly ripped on the console with five unresearched, irrelevant and downright bizarre reasons not to buy the console. I should point out that this is the very same newspaper that fabricated lies about the 3DS causing dizziness and sickness and claimed that terrorists use Call of Duty to congregate. But to those less familiar with The Sun’s anti-gaming lies and exaggerations, this may well have put off casual Wii fans unfortunate enough to happen upon this corrupt newspaper and swallow their nonsense.

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-Mika-1971d ago

Of course you would think that.

LX-General-Kaos1971d ago

Im gonna go ahead and guess that you believe otherwise.

WeskerChildReborned1971d ago

People can't have their own opinions?

Boody-Bandit1971d ago

The only thing I'm not liking about the Wii U is lack of digital (optical toslink or coaxial) output for sound. I understand Nintendo probably wanting to keep cost down but only having HDMI negates the use of gaming headphones.

I use gaming headphones about 50% of the time I'm gaming. It would've been cool to not have to upgrade or wait for a company that comes up with a viable option. Even if they do it will severely limit your choices.

RFornillos41970d ago


Gaming headphones will be available from Turtle Beach, and the headset's connect to the Gamepad.

Boody-Bandit1968d ago

I could've sworn I said it would LIMIT and cause of to buy new headphones. I know companies are already working on them BUT if Nintendo would've just included a digital out we wouldn't need to purchase new headphones.

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DivineAssault 1971d ago

Shes probably like me having a love/hate relationship with nintendos products.. I always buy into the "potential" theyre systems have & end up burned in the end.. Well nintendo themselves provide strong support but others see it as a risk.. I hope it changes but im not seeing any differences right now.. Despite Ea & Ubisofts so called "support" on this thing, theres a lot of game announcements that arent headed towards the wii u.. But u get an announcement like Just Dance 5, & its immediately confirmed for it.. Thats the type of $hit that has me skeptical about it.. I hope im wrong cuz i want a reason to buy a new console...

LX-General-Kaos1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

The 3rd party support for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system even before launch is already greater than that of last generation. A quick glance of the launch window alone is evidence of my claim.

You can say what you wish and single out Nintendo for releasing dance and casual titles. But I am willing to bet that each next gen console will have its share of casual and dance titles. It is not fair to single out Nintendo at this point when it has become clear that competing console brands have taken up the casual effect as well. I hope you have not forgotten about Kinect and Move. The difference is that Nintendo was successful with providing for the casuals, while the others were not as fortunate.

There will be plenty of core titles available for the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system if things continue as is. If you dont want a casual experience, then simply ignore those titles like all other core gamers.

Rated E For Everyone

stragomccloud1971d ago

I'm with Kaos on this one. I don't think Nintendo has seen this much 3rd party support since the SNES.

360ICE1971d ago

If what can be summed up by Captain Obvious saying that a British, sensationalist newspaper makes "unresearched" argument for not buying the Wii U, whilst refuting them with the same level of research is what passes for a "Very well written article" these days...

...then just shoot me.
After the Wii U comes out, mind. I want to try this bad boy!
(I obviously had to write that last sentence to not get bubbled down, but I kinda mean it too. I'm all for new stuff)

herbs1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Definitely the most well written article I have read about the Wii U. I agree fully with many of the points made especially the graphics debate. With the next gen systems all pushing 1080p 60fps it will be all about aesthetics over fidelity. (Artistic direction > Technical specs) Of course gameplay is always #1 and Nintendo is the best at both in my opinion.

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LOGICWINS1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I agree. But we have to first draw the line between "slamming" and "educated speculation". Saying the Wii U will suck because Nintendo sucks would be considered slamming because its a HIGHLY subjective and baseless point of view. Saying, on the other hand, that the Wii U will not enjoy the same long term success as the Wii did would be valid speculation because we have evidence to back it up such as
-Meager internal hardrive for the price
-Huge focus on third party titles that are already on current consoles
-Current third party titles actually look worse than their PS3/360 counterparts(AC3 is an example. Also, TTT2 currently has frame rate issues which may or may not be present in the final game)
-The original Wii differentiated itself from the PS3/360 by offering a casual friendly console with a casual friendly price. The Wii U is attempting to do the opposite in a hardcore market where Sony/Microsoft already rule the hardcore space.

Griffin48711971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Yea, evidence that will probably mean nothing in the long run, especially since the system has yet to show it's potential. You think the Wii U is priced solely on harddrive space? You're an idiot. Data is hardly expensive. It's the Wii U's tech that gives it a price. It amazes me how people think the console is expensive. It's just laughable and embarrassing.

The Wii U still caters to the casual market, it is just adding a hardcore aspect, but this doesn't mean they are competing with Sony and MS. Nintendo bigwigs said it themselves, and they show it. Microsoft and Sony blatantly competes against Nintendo simply because they find Ninty a threat. Doesn't matter if the others "reign supreme" in the hardcore department, the recent Nintendo systems still sell more and thus are more successful.

Your reasons are petty and were clearly thought up desperately to criticize the Wii U.

Outside_ofthe_Box1971d ago

***"It's the Wii U's tech that gives it a price. It amazes me how people think the console is expensive."***

Whenever I say this about ANY console people disagree. It baffles the mind. People want $300-$400 tech to cost $200... say whaaa?

ChickeyCantor1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

"-Huge focus on third party titles that are already on current consoles "

Damn you Nintendo for building relationships with third party developers. Damn you kiddie-pedophile people you.

"The original Wii differentiated itself from the PS3/360 by offering a casual friendly console with a casual friendly price. "

Yeah that Wii-Mote had nothing to do with it at all. It was just a friendly price. And that Wii-mote can in no way be "hardcore".


1upgamer991971d ago

You can buy a terabit hard drive for $145 I guess that if you had one of those you would NEVER run out of room. Xbox you MUST use Microsoft's hard drive...Nintendo any brand you want if its on sale you could get a hard drive 4Xs the size of Microsoft hard drive for less money..

Griffin48711971d ago

Agreed. If you care less about color and the bundled games, you would just have to pay 300 bucks and be done with it, not worrying about space if you already got an external. Trust me, most people who care about harddrive space for anything likely has a good amount of external memory already. It boggles the mind how people expects 300gb models. We already know Sony does that just to justify their expensive prices, same goes for tacking on Blu-Ray.

etowntwo1971d ago

I pre ordered mine..... But will probably end up selling it if the demand is high around Christmas.

Doesn't mean I won't end up buying it again in the future cause I really am siked about next gen finally starting after 7 yrs.

mcstorm1971d ago

I could not care less what people say about the wiiu 360 ps3 psv or 3ds as i wanted them all and i went out and got them all (pre ordered a wiiu) its the same when windows phone 7 came out i wanted a wp7 phone instead of a iphone or android devices because its something i liked the look of and how it worked.

If you dont like it your not wrong to not like it but i am not wrong for liking it.

People need to stop telling other people to not get or to get something and let them make there own decisions as this is the point of us having different choices in life as none of us are the same.

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