Motorola Mobility Loses Appeal in Microsoft Xbox Lawsuit

Google’s Inc.’s Motorola Mobility can’t enforce a German court order preventing Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) from selling its Xbox gaming software in Germany, a U.S. appeals court ruled.

A three-judge panel in San Francisco upheld a Seattle judge’s order blocking Motorola Mobility’s enforcement of the sales ban it won in May in its lawsuit against Microsoft pending in Germany. The panel said the lower court’s order was narrowly tailored.

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aviator1892120d ago

Hmm, that submission picture suggests otherwise, lol.

bubblebeam2120d ago

It does. I think this is a win for gamers.

I personally never liked motorolla, their phones were crap and only popular with the frshmans in high school lol. Takes me back a while when they were the most popular.

Patents are good and bad. It's sorta like me copywriting every single word so no-one can type without paying me. Maybe not to that extent but you get the point.

I only fear these lawsuits will increase next gen, towards Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo.

Dasteru2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Am i missing something here? A U.S appeals court has no authority over German territory, If a German court said that they cannot be sold in Germany than they can't. The U.S appeals court has no say in the matter.

aviator1892120d ago

There's probably some sort of written rule or loophole we don't know about.

cl19832120d ago

Both companies are registered US based. Their contract is in US and they need to resolve their dispute in US. Where as Patent is country dependent. German court can tell Microsoft violated a patent. It can be enforced. But if there is a contract in US they can force Motorola not to enforce the ban based on the contract. It is same as agreeing to wait for the contract dispute. Nothing like not respecting German cour

The_KELRaTH2120d ago

The US Appeal court judges probably have no idea Germany is a Country in Europe and not another US State somewhere!!

Blankman852120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Why cant we be friends?

NoFanboyRequired2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Good. I cant stand motorola. After google bought them, they became money hungry and sue happy. Also, if it passed, that would once again force Microsoft to rush out their next product and i dont want that again.