To Talk, or Not to Talk: A Multiplayer Question

Shacknews writes:

"There's something to be said for the written word. For one, it never mumbles. It doesn't have an accent. It rarely shouts, or speaks too soft. It doesn't carry with it the whining of your two young children, or the barking of your Taco Bell dog, or the sound of your 500 watt speakers. It can't belch.

The same cannot be said for vocal communication. The ditching of dial-up and the advent of broadband has lead to a revolution of multiplayer video game communication. Whereas voice chat used to be a rare occasion, organized only for the most important of clan matches, plenty of multiplayer games are now shipping with their own built-in voice solutions."

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Proxy3759d ago

I learned to type playing Tribes 2, and using text comms. You learn to type fast when you have to stand still, in a hail of bullets, to type something.

caffman3759d ago

I thought it was all on live? Must just be everyone I have then.

moujahed3759d ago

If this guy had a Blue-Tooth headset for gaming he would'nt be complaining about all this sh*t.

The headset that came with Warhawk actually cancels out un-wanted background noise, and picks up my voice really well. Can Xbox360's use Blue-Tooth headsets??

killer_trap3759d ago

i used the headset i already had for my mobile phone. i'm having problems with it though, now i wish i got the headset bundle insted of buying the game online.

SilPho3759d ago

He has some good points about the state of online voice chat though. I can't count the number of times people have been breathing heavily, singing, eating or playing drum and bass into their headsets.

The ridiculous taunts and swearing comes with the territory really, the same happens in text chat, but the stuff I mentioned above really annoy me more than "n000000b!".

Rocko3759d ago

Attention douchebag burnouts...I DON'T CARE your high, your not cool.

That is all.

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