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Vita won't benefit from 'a lot of otaku games,' says Inafune

Game designer Keiji Inafune has been very critical of the Japanese market, both before and after leaving Capcom to pursue his own projects. Now that he's calling the shots with his own studios, he's announced several titles ranging from the cute and fluffy to the dark and grisly. On the gruesome end of the spectrum is Soul Sacrifice, which Inafune says he is putting on the PlayStation Vita because his creative goals of appealing to Western audiences are a good fit for what the device needs. (Keiji Inafune, PS Vita)

ritsuka666  +   818d ago
Just release Jrpgs for it, its a fantastic little machine with great potential, but if you arent going to show the world what it can or even release a decent number of games for otakus, then they wont buy it!
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Snookies12  +   818d ago
Yeah, I would seriously welcome some more JRPGs right about now. That's why I'm so dang excited for Ys Celceta (provided it makes its way outside Japan "counting on XSeed there lol").

On the "Otaku" note, we don't see many games of that type release outside of Japan either... The main point is "yes" focus on games that will release worldwide since Japan clearly won't buy into the Vita until they have games like Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy-esque RPGs.
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-Mika-  +   818d ago
I disagree with the both of you. The vita needs major exclusives. Not some random JRPG. The Ys games in japan never passed a 100k copies. It needs a new dissadia game. It needs a new final fantasy game like crisis core. It needs a exclusive gta and mgs game. If it can secure those things. It should sell well. They already lost monster hunter to nintendo which was a really bad move since that was the game that made the psp what it was in japan. Hopefully Soul scrafice is a success and it would make up for the lost of MH.
Snookies12  +   818d ago
@Mika - Did you read the second part of my comment? o_o

I stated that they NEED to focus more on audiences outside of Japan. I also stated they needed Final Fantasy-esque games (which you mentioned) for the Japanese market.

I was only saying for myself that I'd love to see some more JRPGs on the Vita. I mean, considering that the PSP was like the king of RPGs. I think a lot of people would expect the same of the Vita since the PSP was its predecessor.
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ShaunCameron  +   818d ago
@ Mika

Not really. The MH games that the PSP owners got were the Freedom games while the MH games that Wii and 3DS owners got were the main MH games.

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

<They already lost monster hunter to nintendo which was a really bad move since that was the game that made the psp what it was in japan. Hopefully Soul scrafice is a success and it would make up for the lost of MH.>
snosek  +   818d ago
jrpgs are needed, original ones and quick
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RmanX1000  +   818d ago
Person 4 Golden will hold me over :D
DivineAssault  +   818d ago
i will buy this IP immediately.. I think this will be the best vita game to date when it releases.. Seems like hes putting alot of effort into it & making vitas unique abilities to make it stand apart.. This will own MH.. It sucks that nintendo has that game on lock right now but id rather play this any day.. I cant speak for all westerners but i do like that its grotesque & dark.. If i want family fun, ill play my 3DS, games that are M rated is why i own vita.. I know i wont see many if any titles like this on a nintendo system
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ForRealz17  +   818d ago
Soul Sacrifice does look good but I'm just wondering if the game is just fights with one big monster and a few peons in an enclosed arena. I've yet to see any videos that show otherwise.
DivineAssault  +   818d ago
theres lesser enemies throughout the levels.. U can gain powers from em too
tack129  +   818d ago
Same, Soul Sacrifice to me looks like a more appealing product than what Monster Hunters from the past, present and future offered.
TongkatAli  +   818d ago
Vita will benefit from having all types of games.
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TheColbertinator  +   818d ago
Persona 4 Golden in the only Vita game I need.
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RubyToTheMax  +   818d ago
We need more games like Soul Sacrifice. New, fresh games exclusively for the PSVita. But who's to say that's not happening? There ARE exclusives dropping on the PSVita, and SS is not the only one.

Soul Sacrifice further solidifies my PSVita purchase, and I can't wait to play it DAY ONE.
wishingW3L  +   818d ago
it probably won't. 3DS has Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter locked down anyway so Japan will not buy Vitas... But at the end what we want is a balance because there are many people outside of Japan that enjoy those otaku games too.
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Trago1337  +   818d ago
Inafune should also consider that many Japanese games need to be localized here. We're missing out on many great Japanese games, because either a lot of the Japanese publishers don't have enough money, or they simply wont release them to other regions due to their games seeming "Too" Japanese for us westerners. That to me is shameful.
Exceed  +   817d ago
To be honest despite the fact that I respect Inafune and his work, I can't say I agree with him 'completely'.

'Assuming' (emphasis on the assuming) there's a market for otaku games, then producers should just go for it. If anything it might improve the install base in Japan which in turn might convince more producers to jump on board. The risk here however is that the console might be limited to only otaku games and lose it's western base. In that I agree with Inafune. It would be a shame if the vita's appeal is limited only to Japan and not the rest of the world (which is a rather substantial market in itself).

Come to think of it... It might be a smarter move to appeal to the whole market with the seemingly low install base for the vita.

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