Before GTA V: 10 Reasons GTA IV is the Best in the Series

What Culture: Waiting for GTA V’s release date to be officially announced is almost like wondering when you’re going to lose your virginity. You know it’ll happen someday, you can scarcely contain your excitement, and you hope beyond hope that it’ll be as awesome as you imagine it. Except unlike losing your virginity, there’s a very good chance it will be.

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claud32186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Its not. Look I liked the GTA IV style and game play in a small way. It was to based on realism and sacrificed the funny aspect
Vice city, San Andreas, GTA III were the series and a massive direction was taken to improve on the series aka GTA IV and yes it exceed is areas the others did not like driving and shooting in a small way. What we all thrive for is fun, madness and over the top fun. Look rockstar needs to capture what the GTA series before was seeking and that is the wildness of free roaming

Will GTA V deliver on this we will wait and see from images, trailers, info and guess work. But to state that GTA IV is the best in the series is a big risk when you can not back it up with facts

Its the only one of this current generation, so you can not state that. Since GTA V is not out yet.

Vice city and San Andreas were the best of the previous generation since that was a previous generation, therefore they can be stated the best of their generation respectively.

So this current generation as only two GTA games so far and you can not state that GTA IV is the best when its the first and only so far and that does not include DLC's... so this article as no base's for truth and is pointless

Jamzluminati2186d ago

Here's why GTA IV is not the best GTA game.

Vice City is the best GTA game.



HebrewHammer2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

I think GTA IV was a great precursor to what GTA V will be. I appreciated the physics and attention to detail - I simply loved seeing that production value. It's not easy making such a vibrant, detailed, and physically sound open world.

With that said, it lacked what made the PS2 era ones so special: REPLAY VALUE

Doing 100 Taxi missions got you a rad, pimped out cabbie. Doing Firefighter mission allowed you to be impervious to fire damage. There were dildos, jetpacks (and actual jets for that matter), tanks, katanas, chainsaws. You could own property, and in Vice City Stories, you could actually manage said properties. In San Andreas, you could fluctuate your muscle mass and weight. Cars were customizable. More options for firearms were at the disposal of players. Different factions and gangs littered the streets and had personalized cars that reflect their group. Neighborhoods could be contested and taken over. Hidden packages would actually offer you rewards at your safehouse. Oh, and Money could actually be spent on things! The list just goes on.

The Saints Row franchise has done a good job of asserting replay value as a priority, but there is something about the series that doesn't equate to Grand Theft Auto. It's just not the same.

I didn't mind the realistic, narrative driven focus of GTA IV, but if it's at the cost of what made GTA games special in the first place, then I'm not on board.

GTA V has the potential to not just be the greatest in the franchise, but the greatest game of all time. With the things they've learned post-IV, they have what's necessary to make it happen.

Dee_912186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

GTA IV just lacked that R* crude humor fun.It was still there but it was watered down.
The physics and graphics are incredible(from gta sa to gta iv) and I dreamed about playing gta iv on ps3 or xbox 360 before the ps3 and xbox came out so finally getting a gta with current gen graphics was satisfying and made it a great game overall.If it had gta sa graphics and physics it would definitely be the worst gta.But I could say the same about gtaIII.If it was still top down view GTA it wouldve probably been the worst gta.

TheKindRoost2186d ago

8 years ago in gta sa on last gen consoles, not only you could swim but can dive, huge map, had light stealth ( area 69 infiltration), tanks, mini-guns, flame-throwers, Jetpacks, fly jumbo plane, dance, mod cars, conduct train, learn all kind of Martial arts, light rpg elements, easy fast and more responsive controls, triathlons and casino games just to name a few.

In GTA IV though it had a better story and obvious visual update, you had broken physiques, slow and awkward controls and the game is very limited in all aspect.

claud32186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

So to make that state is a risk... vice city had everything and so did San Andreas. The best if the best of the old generation

Outside_ofthe_Box2186d ago

None of the five reasons convinced me that GTAIV is the best in the series. I still think that San Andreas is the best.

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