Square Enix Talks Front Mission

In an interview with Weekly Famitsuu, Front Mission mastermind Toshirou Tsuchida and producer Kouichirou Sakamoto talked about their newest project, Front Mission 2089: Border of Madness for DS and the series' future.

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ChaosKnight3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

I really hope they make one or more of the next-gen platforms. Okay... it'll probably end up being overlooked in America though but I want a Next-gen S-RPG (past Disgaea 3 and nothing like Enchanted Arms or Blue Dragon... those are considered just RPGs in my mind lol)! =)

Skerj3756d ago

All I want Square to do is to translate FM5 for PS2, it looked to be the best one ever.

GlossGreen3756d ago

Front Mission 3 and was excited to hear (a long, long time ago) that the PS1 Front Mission one game was going to be released in the States. Well, that never happened (except for the DS version). FM 4 was a good game too. I'll have to pick up any new games when they come out. I am also hopeful for a next-gen version.