Tekken 6 Brutal fighting

Tekken 6 gameplay footage Steve Vs Brian and Steve Vs Armor King via GameTrailers.

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aggh im on fire3723d ago

I used to love tekken on the ps1 but this looks crap.

sonarus3723d ago

how does this look like crap?????????. It dosent look as good as Virtua Fighter but it dosent bad at all. In fact it looks pretty f'in good. This is a first day purchase for me. with ease. Dnt really play fighting games much but tekken 6 with online play is gonna be d sh!t hopefully it comes out soon. Only other fightin gaem i am looking forward to is soul calibur and that will probably jst be a rental for me so i can try out darth vader but at the end its always tekken. Look at the way steve stomped armor king in round 1 lol

Kaneda3722d ago

Is this for PS2? :) sure looks like it.. got to wait for some hi-res pics..

masterg3722d ago

I'm a Tekken fan, but I agree with you. It looks like a Ps2 game.
So does all the other fighting games. Like virtual fighter, soul caliber and what not. I don't get it, why is it so hard to make a fighting game look true next gen.

The animation also looks last gen. Where is the rag doll we have seen almost perfected in other games.

hotshot1273723d ago

so many characters. i have to get 2 of my friends to get a ps3 when this comes out so i can finally whoop thier

i always lose agaisnt them but not when i start playing online

beoulve3723d ago

Damn he is good. once he juggle you, quarter of your life going south.

sonarus3722d ago

gimme me a week wit eddy or law and i'll take him

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The story is too old to be commented.