Hitman: Absolution Hands-on: we get our hands dirty with the Hitman | Explosion

The Hitman series has always had a special place in my heart. Right from the days of Hitman: Codename 47 back in 2000, I have been hooked on the series’ open-ended and improvisational approach to, well, murdering people. There were times when I would dip into the games just to go on a shooting rampage with my silverballers, seeing how long I could juggle a ragdoll body against the wall just by shooting the hell out of it. Other times, I’d aim to carry out the perfect hit – silent and clinical – before sneaking off without anyone noticing.

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GTRrocker6662118d ago

All of the hitman games had maps. The eagle vision just replaces the maps. It doesnt hold your hand anymore than the previous games did. In fact it is slightly harder now because you arent given a birdseye view of the level on your device like the previous games.