Top Ten Stealth Games of All Time

"Since everyone else on the staff seems to be making lists these days, I decided that I would jump on the bandwagon and join the party. So here we go, drum roll please…. presenting my…Top Ten category, where I’ll be composing lists of my favourite games in certain genres, and ranking them. And with Hitman: Absolution right around the corner, what better way to kick off the series than with: My Top Ten stealth games… Enjoy."
-Jon Hall, The Game Scouts

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knowyourstuff2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

Wanting to do nothing but make lists all day and quantify things, splitting hairs with numbers is the nerdiest most useless thing you can do with your time.

That being said, this list not having MGS2, MGS Peace Walker and MGS4, but some goofy cartoony game at number one is a crime.

Blankman852033d ago

Clearly says MY (as in his) top ten stealth game. Not yours.

knowyourstuff2032d ago

No duh it's his, every list is just a representative of the person making it. No one person can speak for anyone other than themselves.

I was referring to the act of making stupid lists in the first place. Don't get it confused.

007Bond2033d ago

The MGS series and Splinter cell Chaos theory

Batzi2033d ago

Number one should have been Snake Eater or Guns of The Patriots/Peace Walker

Dms20122033d ago

Where is Siphon Filter? Loved that game.

KiRBY30002032d ago

its been a while since i played the syphon filter games but arent they more action than stealth?

Dms20122032d ago

Syphon Filter was definitely a stealth game, mispelled it the first time lol.

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