Oboro Muramasa Vita First Scans

Some new Famitsu scans of Marvelous AQL's Oboro Muramasa [Muramasa The Demon Blade] for PS Vita, the game is ported over from Wii, and there will be all new download content named Mysterious Legend of the Genroku Era.

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FinalomegaS1971d ago

still have my copy. great game, will fit the PSV nicely.

Yi-Long1971d ago

... this would be released on PS3/PSN as well :(

I want to experience the game in HD on a big TV.

miyamoto1970d ago

indeed a great game Demon Blade is. Played it and love its different approach to action games.

I would love to collect George Kamitani games on the PSVita.

Dragon's Crown
Oboro Muramasa
Princess Crown
Odin Sphere
Grand Knights History

mike1up1971d ago


If you're on the fence, just buy it. It's a great game.

boybato1971d ago

great another port... to a console I never had. ;p

ritsuka6661971d ago

Vita is a PORTable system LMAO!

dragonyght1971d ago

lol you just kill it there

Spenok1970d ago

As lame as that was it was still pretty funny xD

Lucretia1971d ago

Freakin excited! awesome game plus 4 more characters. will be awesome :)

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The story is too old to be commented.