What’s inside Durango’s Alpha kit?

"We have some details about Durango’s Alpha kit and its components. Bear in mind that these “specs” aren’t final, the ones that Xbox 3/720/Next will have in its final design are bound to vary." - VGleaks

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v0rt3x2150d ago

To be honest with you, I'm not even sure if we need a new generation of consoles at the moment. What's lacking are new IPs - not technical limitations.

hennessey862150d ago

But with more powerful consoles, comes better A.I, better physics, bigger games, less limitations to what the dev can do. It's not all about graphics, the extra ram etc will come in very handy

dazzrazz2150d ago

How is that party chat on PS3 going ? Oh.. let me see It will not happen due to 256MB RAM issues. Have you tried to play Borderlands 2 in Split screen ? Yeah 15 fps and tearing all over the place... "no technical limitations"

NukaCola2150d ago

Yeah, I think for what some developers are shooting for is advanced and upgraded hardware. The software isn't lacking. Playstation for example has titles from Uncharted to Journey, to Last of Us, to Killzone, to Unfinished Swan, to Last Guardian and Ni No Kuni. Each one of these games has visuals that rivals many other forms of gaming art but of course we still have limitations, closed spaces, clipping, and hiccups, installs, patches, etc.

With greater hardware will come bigger world's, more dialog, more animations and a more realistic experience. If you think Naughty Dog can do amazing things with a 6 year old console..wait for next gen.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2150d ago

Have you seen planetside 2? Sony is not putting it on ps3 for a reason.. great graphics + 2000 players + 25 Mile maps = need ps4.

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WeskerChildReborned2150d ago

Most games i see today don't wow me though except for Last of Us and MGS Ground Zeroes.

It maybe because their is less creativity due to hardware limitations but idk, i think next gen would be great soon after Last of Us and Ground Zeroes is out.

v0rt3x2150d ago

Haha dazzrazz - you really believe that? That something like party chat is not happening because of 256MB RAM? And the split screen issue? Those are not technical limitations - those are poor optimizations of the engine - which can be addressed. The problem here is gaming industry politics. Whether its worth it.

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richierich2150d ago

I know that this is an Alpha kit but I cant see these specs being in the nextgen Xbox 8GB-12GB ram no way. It would cost too much. Look at the price of the WiiU which has 2GB. I would say about 4GB would make more sense.

Locksus2150d ago

FYI ram is cheap as hell. Not expensive at all.

mochachino2150d ago

Wii U is that price because of the controller. The controller is probably 30-40% of the production cost instead of 5%-10% like most other consoles.

QuantumWake2150d ago

8GB of RAM is definitely possible. To achieve that amount, they would have to go with DDR3 (Very cheap, but bandwidth starved). So in order to compensate for the low bandwidth of DDR3, MS would have to include eDRAM; which would be somewhere around 32/64MB eDRAM.

So 8GB of DDR3 + 32/64MB eDRAM is what we should expect the next-gen Xbox to include.

Shaman2150d ago

Agreed, only they will most likely use DDR4. It will be standard by 2015, and it will be cheaper than DDR3. Its also faster and has less powerdraw.

SleazyChimp2150d ago

For those of you who still think we don't need next gen, then don't buy it when it comes out. Don't even read the articles about it or comment on them, cuz your not ready. For the rest of us, hurry up and get this shit out! I want it now!!

SpitFireAce852150d ago (Edited 2150d ago )

Well here are the WiiU specs so i would think the PS4&XB720
or what ever their called should be 2 to 3 times as powerful
as the WiiU.

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