Anticipating the rise of MMO's in console gaming

Qj: MMOs have had minimal penetration in console gaming; a huge contrast to the genre's flourishing success in PC gaming.

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adalwolfe3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

being a pc gamer for many years, I believe mmorpgs are the way of the future of gaming. Every genre wether it be first person shooter/rpg/strategy will eventually be outdone by an mmorpg, it has already happened on pc, and is soon to happen on consoles. To me this is what the 360 has going for it, with age of conan, and huxley expecting to be released in 2008.

Every pc gamer knows sony mmorpgs are horrible. even the ones that look like they will be developed well by a reconized team, once sony gets their claws into it, they turn it into a grind fest forcing you to kill rats for weeks at a time before your able to kill big rats. Everquest style.. just so they can extend the duration your signed up with them.

This is something i believe most console gamers have not experienced.. other then some of the lame ones that were moved over like swg, ff, phantasy star.. once some actual good mmorpgs make their way to console all these other single player games with limited multiplayer (like mgs4, and grand tourismo, even gta4) will be doomed.. unfortunately for sony, thats all they have..