UK mainstream media still see consoles as Call of Duty magnets

The Sun strikes again with its blinkered view of games consoles. This time, there's an MP who wants a PS3 or Xbox in his office at its root.

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Hellsvacancy2120d ago (Edited 2120d ago )

Idiots, bloody Politicians should praise Sony/MS, if kids didnt have computers to play theyll be more of them outside, mugging people, stealing cars, hanging out around shops smoking/drinking causing disturbances etc

bunt-custardly2120d ago

It's this guy's job to look at industry growth and trends in the UK, and gaming industry is simply a force to contend with - having so many implications for the British economy.

If anyone in Parliament deserves a PS3 or Xbox (even both) then he is a good candidate. But the Sun's spin (a Conservative supporting publication) on the issue is immature and totally lacking in objective reasoning. It's like saying, all the MPs that do have TVs in their offices simply sit and watch it all day without actually doing any work.

MrDead2120d ago

It’s always funny when The Sun tries to take the moral high ground. Also he’s the Culture Minister, games are part of modern culture he needs a console for research.

Why is The Sun picking on Ministers anyway, they’re both owned by the Murdoch empire, it’s like self harm.