Battlefield 3: Aftermath - First Premium Trailer Released

Here is the very first and exclusive Premium trailer from the upcoming DLC Battlefield 3: Aftermath.

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CaptainFaisal2181d ago

So umm basically single player maps based on the earthquake in iran and iraq? which we already played in, seen it... wow either their running out of ideas or are just fu**ing with us...

Detoxx2181d ago

Are you f*cking blind?

Muffins12232181d ago

It will be maps that in the middle of the game a earthquake will happen

ATi_Elite2181d ago

Playing Planetside 2 right now "Whoop whoop"!

Oh wait!

BF3 new stuff "Oh boy jolly goodness"! (EA sure can milk a cow)

krazykombatant2180d ago

All the maps, have been good, except the retarded reasoning from DICE to make close quarters 8v8. So stop being a douche.

DirtyLary2181d ago

54 second promo that doesn't start till 21 secs in showing us the same shots as the last sneak peak.. woot

MGRogue20172181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

looks goooood.. oh, it looks good.. looks gooooood.. oh, it looks good.. loooks gooood... oh, it looks good... ok I'll stop. xD

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The story is too old to be commented.