FIFA 13 VS PES 2013: The Debate Continues

To avoid any arguments or confrontation, there are three subjects to avoid in conversation: religion, politics, and the big FIFA vs. PES debate that rages each year and divides gaming football fans whilst raising tensions in a heartbeat.

The 2012 season is underway and there two brand new games to play, but the age-old argument of ‘which is better: PES or FIFA’ rages on as it always has.

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hennessey861996d ago

Is that PES has always had the better football mechanics, but FIFA is catching up quickly and to be honest as I have said in other threads I am considering getting it ahead of PES because FIFA is pretty much perfect now. It's still a bit wooden and scripted, but its to close to call between PES and FIFA now.

Nate-Dog1995d ago

I went from FIFA to PES with 2011 after I realised that FIFA 11 was just the same as 09 and 10. I was finding it tough to choose between FIFA and PES this year but decided against PES because of the removal of modes (and it sounds like the online section of the game isn't even finished yet, it's being patched in right?). I had been playing PES2011 since a few months after its release and enjoyed it but I got FIFA 13 and I have to say I am enjoying it. I mainly wanted it just for something to play with friends and with a more dependable online system but I think in fairness it is pretty decent.

PES still feels like a more real game but things like a proper first touch system, the impact engine collisions and playing the game on manual settings makes it feel a lot, lot better than it has felt before, and in general movement and animations just make it seem more realistic. It's early days but I am impressed.

Awesome_Gamer1994d ago

Sorry mate, but i disagree, i'm a PES fan but i haven't bought one since 2009, the series is crap now

G33K1995d ago

All sports games are shit.

Nate-Dog1995d ago

So is your face.


Psychotica1995d ago

Don't know why Fifa can't be bothered just to add a simple Franchise mode. I just want to pick a team and play a season for a championship. That's it, no managing, finance or auction house crap.

Nate-Dog1995d ago

PES doesn't actually have that now any more does it? League Mode has been cut out this year from what I have read and Konami simply say to those who are annoyed that "it's in Master League mode now".

OmniSlashPT1995d ago

FIFA = more realistic animations, a lot of fun, a lot of licenses, great game modes (UT, LS, etc)

PES = more competitive (due to more arcadish gameplay), best career mode, best graphics (atleast player faces)

I wonder how big the jump will be when FIFA14 will began using Frostbite 2.