The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim - “Unreal” Heaves Modding To A New Level

Modder “Unreal” show us some amazing and sexy modding screenshots from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Check out the stunning shots after the break!

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claud31936d ago

Now that is awesome... a modders heaven this game has been

Lucretia1935d ago

that screenshot is pretty sexy......

but the mods def make this game 100 times better.

did you ever see the Unlimited Blade works spell Mod from fate stay night? its pretty Badass

claud31935d ago

Nope mate, never seen it and I will check it out. Thanks fir the heads up

I might start this game up on my p.c and get this stuff for skyrim

Lucretia1935d ago

I got it for free on my ps3, but never touched it because I wanna fix my pc so I can play it with mods, Its the way skyrim should be played! I ddunno why bethsdeda doesnt hire the people who make this amazing stuff.

ScubbaSteve1935d ago

PC is the way to go because Bethesda clearly doesn't care about their PS3 fans. And it's a good thing they don't hire them because then I would have to wait a few months for the content to come out on PC.

killerhog1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

Because majority of the mods are just useless nude mods or girls in skimpy outfits? He just took something existing and upped the graphics with girls in skimpy outfits, hardly involves any talent, they (developers) can just do it themselves. The modders who come up with actual worthy (some who build from ground up) content are the ones who get hired.

Why hire someone who takes an existing build and just ups the graphics and focuses on nude girls or skimpy outfits? when you can hire someone who builds from the ground up or takes an existing build and does something fun, creative and original with it?

I know I would hire the latter. I never read about modders who make useless nude mods or overemphasize on the woman body landing a job, but I read about those who make worthy content landing a job for blizzard, valve, etc..

MAJ0R1934d ago

They do hire modders, like Oscuro from Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.

AO1JMM1935d ago

So where do I download this mod?

HeavenlySnipes1935d ago

Check the skyrim nexus. Its pretty annoying how a lot the modders focus primarily on skimpy female armors though....

Not enough quality armor sets for male warriors

DivineHand1251935d ago

The mods used are in the video description

Bimkoblerutso1935d ago

The emotionless doll-faces kinda freak me the hell out, but I gotta say, the environment looks outstanding.

megamanX21935d ago

lol u people need to get a real woman.

AO1JMM1935d ago

So just because they are interested in high resolution models for this game they are automatically some type of basement dweller with no life?

SSKILLZ1935d ago

Actually i was drooling at the high resolution.

aLucidMind1935d ago

It is actually normal for someone to find a woman or man in a game attractive. The human brain actually doesn't entirely realize that what it sees is not a real person; it is similar to moments where you are sitting in a 3D movie and see some jump back when that giant hand comes flying out of the screen. The brain interprets it as "I'm about to get slapped" and sends a signal to the nerves to dodge it, even though you know you won't get slapped because it isn't real.

This is why parents need to teach children from an early age what the difference between fantasy and reality is.

aLucidMind1934d ago

Amusing how people choose to disagree with facts that anyone with basic knowledge of the human brain would know lol.

sly-Famous1934d ago

See all those disagrees you got? those are from all the guys who dont have woman. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.