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Sony Won’t Say How Many People Have PlayStation Plus, But They Will Share Other Plus Stats

Kotaku writes: "Microsoft refuses to say how many people subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, and Sony still won't say how many people use PlayStation Plus—the premium PS3 service I've said is far and away better than Gold.

Jack Buser, senior director of PlayStation Digital Platforms, declined to give that number during a brief phone chat with me yesterday, but waved me off from thinking it's a sign that the rather excellent Plus isn't drawing paying $50-a-year users.

"We are extremely proud of the number," he said, before saying that, no, he wouldn't answer my question of whether the Plus subscriber count has seven figures or not. "We don't share that number." (PS Vita, PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

hennessey86  +   1103d ago
Who owns a ps3 should get plus, it's an excellent service and I have played games that I wouldn't have played if it wasn't for plus.
r1sh12  +   1103d ago
I find it a little annoying when both MS and Sony do not actually announce the number of subscribers. I can only assume its because it is lower than the expected numbers by analysts or journalists.

These days I dont have time for PS+ or XBL but as a consumer PS+ offers much better value hands down.
As a service is it better than XBL, for me I dont think so.
But thats just my opinion and how i use (when I have time) both services, which is primarily online gaming.
dantesparda  +   1103d ago
"As a service is it better than XBL"

Hells yeah its a better service/value than XBL. You know, you Xbox fanboys have go to get out of lala land and face reality. The two services are nothing like each other, except for the fact that you have to pay for both. And PS+ is even better there ($50 a yr service vs $60 dollars a yr service). With Live you arent really getting anything for it except for what everybody else in the world gives you for free. With 360 you have had to pay $50 to $60 a yr just to get you're games other half. Thats it!!! While with Plus you get so much more for your money that its not even funny. Heck you get way more than $50 worth.
Red_Orange_Juice  +   1103d ago
around 50% of my PSN dudes have PS+
ChronoJoe  +   1102d ago
Well no one announces any of their figures for digital trading for some reason. That's why sales from Steam, PSN, or XBLA aren't tacked on VGChartz and so forth.

It's a bit annoying really. Perhaps they don't want these figures to be effecting their stock value whilst they're still establishing their digital distribution platforms.

You can still find figures though on the specific publishers financial reports at the end of each quarter. Sony will probably publish more info on their plus statistics at a later date on one of the reports on their investor relations pages.
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ALLWRONG  +   1102d ago
Party chat and cross game chat. Can PSN+ do that?
StreetsofRage  +   1102d ago
Party Chat and Cross game chat really is worth the admission. Especially Party Chat so I can have a tactical multiplayer game without all the verbal bs.

PS+ really doesn't do much but give you old free games that I have no interest in playing.
r1sh12  +   1102d ago
I said for me XBL is a better service than PS+, because all I do is play online.
I dont have time to enjoy the benefits of PS+ which is better value by a long way, XBL rarely has downtime or maintenance as often as PSN and more of my friends are on XBL which is why XBL is better than PS+ for me.
The annoying thing is once you use party chat and go over the the PS3 you realise that it is a useful tool, you might not need it, but you realise that it is not there and having conversations across many games is fun
Eyeco  +   1103d ago
I cant believe the amount of free games i got , Dead Space 2, Red Dead Redemption, LBP2, (which i will buy after my sub ends), Just Cause 2, Infamous 2, Borderlands ,these aren't bad games either these are quality games, plus i got a free beta to DUST.

Anyone that says PS+ is just a way to get you to spend more money is liar, because for £15-40 your getting up to £200 worth of games as well as early access to betas and discounts.
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Omnislash  +   1102d ago
you got Dead Space and RDR for free?
tiffac008  +   1102d ago
When did DS2 and RDR became free on PSN O_O?!

Was I late in joining in? D: D: D:

Edit: NVM I see RDR was added to the EU PSN. :/
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Eyeco  +   1101d ago
I've just found out that Starhawk is free to download ,i the eu store, wow just wow
lodossrage  +   1102d ago
@Streets of Rage
If you actually had plus you'd know that do give you new, Day 1 release games too. But you'd actually need to HAVE the service or have used it to KNOW that.

For example, they gave Stacking free day 1. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown free day 1. Double Dragon Neon free day 1. Etc.


The Vita can do those.

You both can sit here and try to Justify the Xbox Live cost all you want. But the Vita lets you do that stuff WITHOUT the "price of admission".

And make no mistake, the PS4 will certainly have all that as well and still more than likely be free with Plus being optional. So what will be your justification then?
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smashman98  +   1103d ago
I don't wanna say plus is mandatory but it kinda is
lorianguy  +   1103d ago
It's not mandatory at all though; you still have a fully functioning system and online service without..
However, in the sense that any sane person would jump at it, it is kinda mandatory :)
smashman98  +   1103d ago
Lol ppl misunderstood me I meant its such a good deal its like it is mandatory I'm a ps + and have been for over year
Silly gameAr  +   1103d ago
ummmm, no it's not.

Edit Oh. Sorry about that lol. I've had it since day one and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a lifetime sub, or at least as long as it's around.
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Tetsujin  +   1103d ago
If only every new ps3 had at least a trial run to show the value...

I like + and will renew when its time
lilmetal  +   1102d ago
I'm pretty sure new systems come with a free 30-days of PS+.

A nice way to let people grab some free games, then giving them the opportunity to renew once their games expire.
With all that's available, you would never be able to finish everything within 30 days.
TongkatAli  +   1103d ago
Plus is the best thing to happen this gen. If you don't have it you don't know.
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Baka-akaB  +   1103d ago
I dont like subs , but this really grew on me and showed to have tremendeous value over time and most times .

This is how you do subs , with optional and appealing stuff , not with core features being held hostage , and under the guise of providing more contents .
Sugreev2001  +   1103d ago
PS+ is easily the best service to be subscribed to as a gamer.So far,I've played Dead Space 2,Darksiders,Machinarium and countless others for absolutely free.I'm overwhelmingly happy with the service.
Zichu  +   1103d ago
I have both LIVE and PS+. I've had LIVE for about 3 years, but my online gaming has decreased in the past several months.

I had PS3 near release, but I sold it last year. Then I wanted to get one again because I liked the look of some of the upcoming games, I also wanted to get some JRPG's as well as One Piece Pirate Warriors.

I had a look at PS+ and I have to say, it's a pretty good service. I've downloaded a few games for "free" and it's great knowing you will get discounts. I always look forward to seeing what games might arrive for me to download.

The only thing I am disappointed with, is the download speed for PSN. I have a decent connection and can download a few gig on 360 and PC quicker than I can on PSN.
PirateThom  +   1103d ago
PS+ is a justifiable cost. It doesn't affect fuction but enhances what I already get and that's why I am happy to pay the entrance fee, because the service suits me. It's given me the chance to play more games that I would normally buy and given me the ability to auto patch and update firmware... You know, that big problem everyone had with the system and cloud storage, which was the biggest selling point of the service.
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OllieBoy  +   1103d ago
Before E3, there were only 5 other people on my friend's list with PS Plus. Now there are over 30.

Instant Game Collection was a genius idea and I hope it's just as good for Vita as well.
PhunnyJesta  +   1103d ago
Considering my 32" TV that i bought for 350 bucks comes with over 1/2 the features xbox gold has, those "features" are pre installed on my TV for free use (netflix, twitter, facebook, hulu plus, etc) makes it obsolete features for paid xbox gold and hell basically every xbox gold feature is available on PC for free. Sony knows what gamers want in a subscription and they did a damn good job at it
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Cam977  +   1103d ago
I'm renewing at Christmas after my 3 months subscription ended this month.
I love Plus; the cloud reassures me in case of a breakdown, the auto-download function saves time, the games are top-tier competitors and the "+" by my name looks good. I forgot to mention the discounts, free avatars, themes and auto-trophy sync.

Excellent service.
AusRogo  +   1103d ago
I want it more then ever now since Starhawk is on it. Never got around to getting that game . I think ill buy a,3 month sub and see how it goes.. I still only have a 120gb hdd lol so I think ill wait till I get a bigger one then ill get it
FunAndGun  +   1102d ago
If you can afford it, I would suggest a full year membership.

A 3-month would be like a tease. In a full year you will DEFINITELY get your $50 worth. 12 months at $50 is a much better value than 3 months at $18.

obviously do what suits you, but I really think the 3 month subs are kind of a waste.
Picnic  +   1103d ago
A downside is that some of the full game trials are only for an hour and then can't be accessed again- and you have to download the entire game to play that hour because, in that time, you might possibly access many parts of the game.

I also found that if I click to download a game and then it says that my PS3 doesn't have enough memory, if I then delete some things to make enough memory, the option to download the game free of charge on Playstation Plus is no longer there.

But these are small issues. The fact is that for £11.99 you can download and keep Saint Rows 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Infamous, Infamous 2 and more for 90 days. The rest is arguably gimmicky and if you happen not be bothered with those particular games then you might be best sticking to downloading demos free of charge but, otherwise, I couldn't really expect Sony to charge any less for the service than they do.
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MrBeatdown  +   1102d ago
I think I've only downloaded a few trials, but I think they disappear from the storefront after you download (or try to download in your case). I believe they stay in your download history though, so if you go to that, you should be able to restart the download.
DigitalRaptor  +   1103d ago
PS+ is just about the best rental service there is and best for gamers too, since it provides high quality games for free throughout the year. Not to mention auto-downloads, auto-updates (which can be done overnight), cloud saves, early demos and beta trials, discounts etc.

This is Sony's potential money maker for this gen going into next. People have said Sony will be forced to charge for their online play next-gen, but that is rubbish as long as PS+ exists. As long as they get people to see the value, they will have no problem gaining as much a presence as XBL Gold does.

And I believe Sony is working on their next-gen network infrastructure and UI right now in time for a PS4 release that will surprise people as much as next-gen games probably will. PS+ has the potential to be as big as something like Netflix for the PS brand, and I hope Sony treats its marketing as such.
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ChunkyLover53  +   1103d ago
I used to have PSN+, but since I got Gamefly I stopped paying for it. Mostly because you are totally in control over the games your renting with Gamefly, which isn't the case with PSN+. Also, a lot of the games they were offering I already had, either the Xbox 360 version or the PS3 version. After about two months of every single game being one I had, I dropped it.

I still think its a quality service, and the price isn't bad, but its definitely not for everyone, especially if you have a Gamefly account.

I have 75 friends on my friends list, 7 have PSN+. Sony is always shy when it comes to numbers.
boybato  +   1102d ago
the good thing with plus is that besides full games they also have psn games that i wouldn't bother buying added to their list. (e.g. double dragon, outland)
Hicken  +   1101d ago
How long do you get to keep those rentals from Gamefly? And how many at once? Did you get any discounts on games or DLC you wanted to buy? Get into any betas early?

No? On all counts?

Yeah, Gamefly is definitely the same.

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ChunkyLover53  +   1101d ago
Well I get two games out at once, keep them for as long as I want. For being a member of Gamefly you get unlimited PC games to play, I also got a reward of $15 off my next purchase.

So I get pretty much everything you listed, with the exception of beta's.

Plus I get to actually choose which games to rent...that is huge.
Ben_Grimm  +   1101d ago
Also at least for fo Battlefield 3 Gamefly sent me an online pass so I can play multiplayer.

Not to mention they send new released games and sell it to you at a used price automatic, not to mention the 10 to 15 dollar discounts they always provide.

Gamefly is awesome and all games, especially multiplatform owners should have it.
HakatoX  +   1102d ago
I wonder if there is some way we could use PSN to get a close set of numbers.
Im sure all of you have gotten some wretched spam from a friend at one point or another.
black911  +   1102d ago
Dark_Overlord  +   1102d ago
Why not buy it? Its well worth it :)
black911  +   1102d ago
I would buy it but I know more gamers will be online if its a free game on Plus.
Dark_Overlord  +   1101d ago
Honestly, I never have trouble with getting a full room :) There are quite a on there who are always on
sdplisken  +   1102d ago
i you play a lot of games (i do) then plus is well worth it
lodossrage  +   1102d ago
I've had PS + since it began. And the longer I keep it, the more happy I am that I'm a member.

First off, those games really rack up. It gets to the point that if you don't have enough room, you have to delete and redownload things when you want to play them. In fact, that's my only gripe with it which isn't even a gripe at all.

When they added the instant game collection to it that just made it 100% times more worth the money. And they've still been giving us the free avatars, minis, themes, and PS 1 games even after the instant game collection was put in.

People love to point out how you "lose" the games when you stop being a subscriber. But what they love to not mention is that if you resubscribe, you get back ALL those games you "lost". Just like ANY other subscription service.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1102d ago
MS updates people on how many people subscribed to XBL. Earlier this summer they even gone and said how much of an increase in XBL subscribers (15%).

Sony doesn't feel the need to release figures, they're just happy that the attach rate is really high as well as customer satisfaction.
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lodossrage  +   1102d ago
Saying a percentage increase isn't the same thing as saying how many subscribers there are.
KidCuDiWINS  +   1102d ago
I probably have the worst friends, only 3 of them have plus and never take advantage of all it has to offer. All they play is Call of Duty, meh. I'll surely be a long lasting subscriber of this magnificent service!
The_Con-Sept  +   1102d ago
anyonether xbl vs ps+ article where fanboys never give up that stupid argument of cross game chat. I don't care about cross game chat because I'd rather pay 50 to 80 dollars a year to PlayStation plus, and have tons of free games to play for as long as I pay for it, instead of having barely any games and talking to people who do have games.

I'm sorry but the ps+ service gave out borderlands 1 for free and all 4 DLC packs for 10 dollars. I never even thought of buying borderlands until I was given a chance to play it completely free. Now I want borderlands 2 because borderlands 1 is tons of fun.

Why pay Microsoft so much money every month just to drive you insane because everyone else has a game and not you? " because it has cross game chat." Every time someone says this I see a picture where: some kid had their parents buy them a 360 and they can't buy em any games because they had to have xbl for the month. Because of that you hold onto that cross game chat argument because it's all you do... You sit there without a game to play talking to other people who are playing a game.
PhunnyJesta  +   1101d ago
I use cross game chat playing ps3 all the time, it's called skype xD
Cam977  +   1100d ago

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