Blizzard Has Canceled More Games Than You Know About

Blizzard Entertainment execs-Mike Morhaime, CEO and Co-Founder, Rob Pardo, Senior VP of Game Design, and Frank Pearce, Executive VP of Product Development-took the stage this morning at DICE to talk about the company's history "From Developer To Worldwide Publisher." The three spent a good portion of their "conversation" talking about one of the aspects that makes Blizzard unique, their commitment to quality and gameplay above all else.

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DarkSniper3697d ago

Dark Sniper would like to see a next-gen sequel to the highly underrated sidescroller Blackthorne.


Farsendor13697d ago

hey dark add me on psn and when is the cod4 tournament? blizz gives quality titles they wont release anything thats garbage

JsonHenry3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

It is easy to focus on quality when you make $15 a month from about 10 million people.

I wonder how rushed StarCraft 2 might have been if they did not have to worry about keeping up a bottom line?

** EDIT - I am not knocking Blizzard. Surely if there has ever been a dev company that has never disappointed me (other than length of time between games!) it is Blizzard. Just saying it is easier to sit back and take your time when money is flowing in monthly that make other companies green with envy.

Maldread3697d ago

I disagree. First off WOW hasn`t been around forever, and Blizzard has been like this from the beginning. It`s not without reason many people enjoy their games tremendously, and why people is always wanting another sequel from them also.

What keeps them as far away from EA as possible (even though i have to give EA some credit for delaying Army of Two, think it was vice) is that Blizzard dosn`t rush games out to the market. I can`t think of many other companies that would hold of releasing Starcraft Ghost because they wasn`t happy with the games progress. With a brand name like Starcraft i assure you they could`ve just released the game and made a profit, but they didn`t. This isn`t an exception to the rule either, as a gamer i can`t help but admire Blizzards commitment to quality. Wish more companies was like them.

JsonHenry3697d ago

You need to go back and look at their release history. With a few exceptions, they did not wait so long between games as they do now.

And Valve, Id, Ravensoft, Bethesda, Bioware (RIP) and plenty of other companies put games off if they think it needs work.

And as to your other comments, I agree completely, Blizzard is without a doubt one of the best.

Maldread3697d ago

Glad we agree Blizzard`s a great company, it seemed like you were knocking it first. I misunderstood.

I wasn`t talking about how much time they spend on their games though, because that`s not what`s the most important. What matters is what type of games do they put out on the market. If one does look at their releases i do think you`ll find that they have been putting out many games, sometimes several pr. year even for a long time, while still maintaining quality. With that in mind i don`t think much actually have changed in their development history (the exception being WOW where they didn`t do much else, but that`s understandable because it takes time to build a MMO)

Dark Sniper3697d ago

Dark Sniper would also like for said sequel to appear on the superior XBOX 360 console.


Liquid Ocelot3697d ago

I want to ask you something why do you go around and impersonate DarkSniper?

I mean come on who must have something better to do with your time.

KeiZka3697d ago

Irksome fellas abound etc? Some people just have way too much time at their hands.

Tyrael3697d ago

We all know what I want to say, so instead of saying it i'm just going to point out that I have waited long enough to return to the land of Sanctuary.

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