Rumortoid: GTA IV multiplayer, mini-game details

Today, Rockstar Games has uneveiled the official Web site for the highly anticipated Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title, Grand Theft Auto IV. Along with the new site comes a ton of new information, including new screens and videos, which can be found at the site.

One thing the site fails to reveal are any details about the game's multiplayer; the Web site only teases with a link that simply says "Coming Soon." An trusted anonymous source has revealed to Destructoid a fair amount of information about Rockstar's forthcoming sure-thing, including some names of the upcoming multiplayer modes, and details on some of the game's side-activities.


Destructoid has pulled the info on the request by Rockstar Games. See the first link at the Alternative Sources for the info.

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Mr_Showtime13727d ago

"A trusted anonymous source"


grrlaction3727d ago

When magazines or Web sites post "rumors," they do so under anonymity of sources to uh, protect the source. Clearly, this isn't information that was meant to be public. Saying "Bob Jones, Janitor for Rockstar's NYC offices spied in on a dev meeting to bring us the following information" would compromise Bob Jones.

Why would anyone want to compromise Bob Jones? He seems like such a nice guy.

SUP3R3727d ago

LOL that was so funny
Poor Bob

But definitely everything the source has mentioned sounds like GTA. However, Deathmatch would be nice in GTA city.
I also like the cops and robbers idea.

Silellak3727d ago

I really need to stop reading about GTA4.

Every word I read just makes me want the stupid game more, which means the wait is that much worse.

HarveyM3727d ago

I think it would be a good idea if on the PS3 you could use your HOME avator as a character in the multiplayer, I hope home integration is the thing rockstar was talking about when they said the ps3 would get something extra

SRuN43727d ago

Wont believe anything until its announced by Rockstar, but IF this is true.. no sandbox co-op? That sorta turns out to be a disappointment. That's what I figured they'd do for online play, a 4 person sandbox type enviroment.

GETPWNED3727d ago

GTA4 MP is going to be amazing, and the guys are Rockstar are smart. They won't unveil it until the right time. They know how hard Volition 'Sony'd' (A.K.A. copied) their franchise for Saint's Row, and this time they don't want them stealing their MP mode, too...

TheXgamerLive3726d ago

Yes, redheads eating bananas are my weakness;))