Top 10 Most Underrated Platform-Adventure Games

Platforming enthusiast Joe Jasko of Rant Gaming lists his top 10 most underrated platform-adventure games.

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Cajun Chicken2121d ago

This was a brilliant article and I'll have to check out some of these on my PS2 if I find them. I really miss this kind of game these days, there's really only Ratchet and Clank left.

No love for Haven: Call of the King? Awww...easily sits next to the Jak games for me.

joejasko2120d ago

Thank you so much! I've never heard of Haven: Call of the King, but I will definitely check it out now. Thanks for the tip!

TheLastGuardian2120d ago

Good to see Gex and Croc make the list. I still have my copies of Croc and Croc 2. I'll have to pick up some of the games from this list.

3-4-52120d ago

They are missing Goemon Mystical Ninja. Otherwise good list.