Crunchyroll App Brings Anime To Your Xbox 360

In many ways, Crunchyroll is the iTunes of Anime. The service offers a huge catalog of Anime titles that are available on iOS and Android devices, as well as Roku and the PS3, often just minutes after airing in Japan. Now the Crunchyroll app is launching on Xbox 360.

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Snookies121973d ago

Cool, means more subscribes for Crunchy. It's a great service, though hopefully they'll be able to get high-def streaming for consoles sooner or later... Nothing better than SAO in 1080p lol.

ThanatosDMC1972d ago

Cant believe people pay for crunchyroll.... such a rip off. You can get fansubbed anime for free.

Snookies121972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I'd been that way for years only watching fansubs because they were free. However these days I just feel like I want to actually support the creators of the series I really like. What's so wrong about that? Also it's not a bad price. 15 bucks a month, plus you get special discounts on their "deal of the day" items which I've bought quite a few of. It really pays for itself in that regard.

TheCrazyMerc1972d ago

It better support HD streaming, because the last time I was using it on my PS3 it was pretty bad quality. Well, at least Xbox players get to have the app as well, finally get to watch some anime on my xbox.

NeXXXuS1972d ago

The quality for Anime on Netflix is pretty amazing.

ThanatosDMC1972d ago

If you like Funimation's same voice actors that have no feelings then yeah, it's amazing. Ever watch School Rumble? They killed off the comedy of how great that anime is with their english dub and sub. Wish they'd hire people that care about quality translations.

NeXXXuS1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

@thanatos - I was talking about visual quality in response to The Crazy Merc, not genres. Read properly before replying next time :P

TheCrazyMerc1972d ago

Yeah, I know, I watched most of the animes on Netflix, I meant saying a real dedicated Anime, with the exception of that one anime app called Manga Entertainment or something lol.

Tres211972d ago

they actually hav sum decent animes on crackle & Manga app & if u hav hulu plus theres tons

DivineAssault 1972d ago

do they have english voice work or only subtitles?

Lahey1972d ago

Some are subtitled some are english voiced.
Out of the 3 shows I am currently watching one of them is in english.

cleft51972d ago

I really hope the Crunchyroll app comes to WiiU when it's released.

DivineAssault 1972d ago

I dont think the Pii U will get something like this..