'FIFA 13' Review: Loving Imperfection | The Verge

The Verge: "By introducing human error to AI players and bringing real-world football coverage to the game, FIFA 13 is better than it's ever been."

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mcstorm2150d ago

I got this for my 360 yesterday and imo it is alot better than 12 and i have to say im also impressed with the kinect side of it too. I hope then can start to add this into mp next season as making changes ingame to me is far better than having to pause the game to make a change.

I also think this version of the game plays better than 12 too.

3-4-52150d ago

I've played 1 Full Season of Manager mode, half a season of Be a Pro & about 10 games with my brother on his Manager Season.

This game is much better than 12, and I loved 12.

It's more difficult to do the things you used to, because it's not more realistic. When you score from outside the box it actually feels like you've earned something.

Breaking past defenders is more difficult. You must know how to use the controls well and create your own small taps and touches to get by them and not just hold down RT.

This game is great, soundtrack is good, enough modes, most realistic representation of Soccer ever.