Call of Duty: Black Ops II Rated M For “Use of Drugs, Suggestive Themes”

ESRB gives the rundown on what to expect when you pick up the next Call of Duty this fall.

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Breadcrab2181d ago

And here I was hoping for an E10+.

zeal0us2181d ago

You would think COD is rated E10+ with all the darn kids that play it online

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32180d ago

You seem upset that kids are playing video games. Think about that for a sec...

Relientk772181d ago

I wish this would help from letting kids buying it


Maybe parents should actually look at the games rating before buying it for their child/children

zeal0us2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

We all know it's Treyarch and any other company that make M-rated titles responsibility to care of other people's children and not the parents themselves.

Majin-vegeta2181d ago

More liks Rated "M' for "My mommy bought me this".

doogiebear2181d ago

COD = Children's Online Daycare. No matter how much controversial stuff they try to pack in every cod. Children are their life source.

TekoIie2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

So you play it too?

I will give credit where it is due though. "Children's Online Daycare" is a lot more creative than Call of doody.

Your definitely ahead of your peers. You might even be fast tracked to second grade at this rate ;)

Swiggins2181d ago

I thought the M stood for, "Majin-vageta is a huge troll"

I must be mistaken.

DivineAssault 2181d ago

Its crazy how many children play games like this at a young age.. But who am i kidding, i was ripping heads off in MK1 when i was young too.. Shooting ppl in the head & realistic movements kinda desensitizes them to violence tho.. Im sure its a lot easier for someone to pull out a pistol & shoot someone having played the hell out of games like this than someone who didnt..

EPIKgamer2180d ago

exactly, who didn't play Goldeneye or conkers bad fur day when they were a kid.

Cam9772181d ago

Good idea to put parents off buying it:
On the front cover show a nude, tortured man with his brains dripping down the wall as blood trickles down his cold body. I don't see why they don't do this!

Getowned2181d ago

No thats fine, as long as theres no boobs or drugs aparently lmao

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