Duke Nukem Forever - Through The Years

An interesting look at the progression (or lack thereof) of Duke Nukem Forever from 1998- 2011.

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TongkatAli2063d ago

I really want a Third person shooter Duke Nukem game.

MetalArcade2062d ago

I remember they had one for Psone back in the day

SolidGear32062d ago

The TPS Duke Nukem games kinda sucked. D3D and DNF are the only ones I enjoy.

MetalArcade2062d ago

@SolidGear3 I agree, but they were made a long time ago. I bet Gearbox could do a good job with a new one if they put some time into it.

SolidGear32063d ago

I don't care what anyone thinks. I love DNF.