Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Video gameplay

See the video gameplay from the newest Rainbow Six vegas 2.

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Ferrite3759d ago

lol! @ graphic whores.

It brings back the old Vegas1 memories, cant wait for this one.

MikeJonesOK3759d ago

this got to be for PS2 and not 3

Kleptic3759d ago

agreed...that looked equally bad as the first Vegas if it was multiplayer...obviously they haven't finished the lighting yet I guess, and the sky isn't even touched yet apparently...but wow...not a single improvement over the original from what I could the sprint...whatever...with GTAIV and MGS4 this spring...and COD4 getting maps around then, I am not the least bit interested still mad I bought the first game...extremely overrated imo...

AlterEgo3759d ago

it looks just like if not worse than the first Vegas.

Still getting it.

Guwapo773759d ago

yeah I dont know what is up with those graphics. The reviews say the graphics have improved since the last version. It is almost impossible to be worst than the first RB6V.

Regardless of whatever it looks like. You can bet your left buttcheek I'm getting this the day it arrives on Guam.

Btw, Gamestop has this being released on March 18th. Those on Guam...expect it March 21st.

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The story is too old to be commented.